Weekly Running update - some longer runs, more shills and what the spt?!

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I've FINALLY got back into my weekly running routine, finally - 3 days a week - Friday, Monday Wednesday!

So three classic runs -

  • Friday - 8K
  • Monday - 9K
  • Wednesday - 5.5K
  • Total = 22.5K

Oh btw @actifit people you want to be using the 'sports' tag, not the 'spt' tag - running has very little to do with Splinterlands, you tend to be sitting on your ass while you play that!

I thought I'd tag for the lulz though.

Friday 20th November

I tried a new route up the local mountain - it was fine until the path stopped after about 300 metres up - hence the slow pace once I'd hit brush - still I eventually found a poper path again!

I actually thought the route up would be steeper - but no - so i'll invert this next time I do it!

Monday 23rd November

It was a tough run today, and not especially enjoyable - I explored a new area after driviving about 15Ks west of where I lived, but the route I ended up taking wasn't anywhere near as off road as I thought it would be or hilly.

Here's my starting point -

But I never really got up into those hills - I took a wrong turn early on, too many dogs barking at me and I ended up just running along an easy looking road I found - still the view was nice enough - heading down on the way back....

Here's my route and stats...

Kind of half way between Val de Prazeres and Penamacor - I was looking for a way to link the two towns up with a running route - but it's seeming like it's going to be a real hassle - so I might go focus on running up some proper mountains instead!

Wednesday 26th November

It was tipping it down today so I was forced into a local run - just the usual but it had to be slower because some of the tracks were a bit trecherous!

My overall stats and route

And KM breakdown

Final thoughts...

I've had a nice few runs in the last week, not so happy with the way I've recorded these - I tried using data straight from Garmin but honestly I think I prefer just doing this from Strava!

I think also from next week I'll make sure I do my running post on a weekend and then reflect back, I just wanted to get this out for today, as I want to plan tomorrow's run properly, so I was in the mood!

And don't forget it's 'sports' not 'spt' - the laters for Splinterlands stuff!


Command accepted!

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Congrats on getting back to running. I hope to walking quickly or even jogging one day! It has got to be a great feeling to be able to accomplish those runs.

It took a while to build up to them, but now it's just a standard weekly activity.

Run-walks are where I started, where you alternate the two, gradually running for longer periods.

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Enjoy a !BEER in the meantime...

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