How to choose which SCOT Tribes to focus on?

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Recently, with the growing number of SCOT Tribes that are being established, as an investor and active participant on Steem, we need to decide which SCOT Tribes to dedicate our time to, as well as our Steem and attention. Obviously not every Tribe is going to be successful, and none of us has the time to be immersed into each Tribe.

Personally, I have chosen to dedicate a lot of my attention and time to the SportsTalk Tribe, and will also be starting to focus on the Creativecoin Tribe.

Both of these Tribes have a lot of potential in attracting outsiders to Steem, and I believe their tokens have the potential of evolving into more of a utility coin. What I mean is this.

Potential utility of CCC

With the Creativecoin Tribe, because the community is focused on creative arts such as art, music and photography, the token (CCC) has the potential of having the utility of purchasing products and services within the community in the future, such as songs or art pieces.

Potential utility of SPORTS

The SPORTS token for the SportsTalk community on the other hand, also has the potential of being used to fuel tipping competitions and fantasy sports.

SplinterTalk, Battle, Steemace, and Realityhubs are some other Tribes I really like because of the specific niche communities they cater to and the potential utility of their coins. And once Communities on Steem comes out, I think all these Tribes will be lifted to a new level with so many more possibilities.

How about you? Which Tribes have you decided to focus on and why?

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I'm trying my best to keep up with as many as possible but do like SPORTS and LEO as those are my interest areas.

CCC sounds interesting, especially for onboarding 'proper' content creators.

I'm also staked in the 'game' tribes as I play Splinterlands and enjoy curating game content. Interesting times for sure.

Yeah, I’m similar to you. Sports and Leo are the areas I’m interested in and enjoy writing about. I’m not an overly creative/artistic person, so I don’t write much for CCC, but I think CCC has a lot of potential if done right.

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Yep pretty much how I see myself. I've bought into CCC mainly to curate - I think they could be one that brings people from the outside - as could sports if we can get the decent content past the lazy but staked spammers :D

The city of Neoxian, creativecoin and weedcash are the ones I am into full force.

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O yes, the City of Neoxian sounds like an interesting project. I’ve been meaning to find out a bit more about it.

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Yes, there are many tribes, and it will just increase in the coming days. Choosing the tribes and being active over there are very important. Thank you @nextgen622 for sharing your thoughts.

Yes, I agree with you.

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I will have to start using it more.

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