What does SplinterTalk and SportsTalk have in common?

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On the surface, it may appear that there's not much SplinterTalk and SportsTalk.Social have in common, besides the fact that they are both SCOT based projects on the Steem blockchain that have 'Talk' in its title. However, I would argue that there is something more.

One of the things that contributes to whether I want to support a Steem project and get involved in its community is its potential and accessibility to the wider public. When a project like SplinterTalk or SportsTalk comes along and gathers a community together around a common interest, game or product, then it gets my attention from an investor point of view.

To me, sports is a topic that I can talk about with anyone, and in the future when we have some tipping competitions running, it would be a great opportunity to invite some of my friends who are interested in sports to join the Steem blockchain for the first time. Similarly, with Splinterlands, players don't need to know much about the Steem blockchain, as long as they are interested in gaming and has fun with the game, then the SplinterTalk platforms are a perfect way to promote Splinterlands and bring people interested in gaming on to Steem.

Moreover, I believe SplinterTalk and SportsTalk have a lot in common, and that is a community build around a common interest, that has the potential to attract the wider public to Steem. That is the power of SCOT, and the potential of communities on Steem.

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SplinterTalk and SportsTalk both have the talk in common. ;)

In both platforms, you can talk about something that you are passionate about. We can invite people on these platforms and they can use it just like another platform. They don't need to know much about blockchain and how it works. The good thing is, you can use it and you don't feel like you are using the blockchian.

Thank you @nextgen622 for sharing your thoughts about it.

Haha, yeah very true. :)

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