Historical title defence: OG wins The International 2019

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oWhat? eSports this is all about!

This post is about e-Sports or gaming or sports depending on how you define that topic. The OG team has achieved something which is special in the esports area.

We might be able to win such prizes soon too via SteemMonsters and Nextcolony - so read on!

History written, over $15.5 million earned and a dream fulfilled. OG is the first Dota 2 team in the world to win the International title for a second time. In the final, the defending champion won against Liquid, the team of the German captain 'KuroKy'.

A historic event awaited the spectators of The International 2019 in Shanghai on 25 August. Never before had a team won the Dota 2 World Championship twice. This year the series was to be broken. That was already clear before the final, as Liquid's 2-1 win over local favourites PSG.LGD left only two teams left who had already won the champions' aegis: The reigning champions OG and TI7 winner Liquid.

For both teams, this year's International was a little Cinderella story. OG was only a distant candidate for the title before the tournament. Hardly any expert believed that Johan 'N0tail' Sundstein's team would be able to repeat their underdog story from last year. In Shanghai, however, OG took every hurdle with flying colours. Liquid meanwhile weakened in the group phase and started the knockout round in the lower bracket. Kuro 'KuroKy' Salehi Takhasomi's side, however, had their back to the wall and won one series after the other until they finally reached the final.
Strong start, strong comeback

The better start into the final was made by Liquid. With the desired heroes, the team of the German captain was difficult to stop and built up an early gold advantage. OG came close to a comeback thanks to a few well-run battles, but finally had to admit defeat.

The real comeback came in the second game of the Best-of-5 series. Although it remained tight up to the 20-minute mark, OG took the lead at some point. Again and again they caught Liquid's decisive players in bad situations and then slowly bled the competition out by depriving them of any resources from their own Minion camps. It became even more bitter in game 3. From minute one on, OG dominated the game. This started with Minion Denies and ended with numerous dead heroes on Liquid's side.

Takhasomi's team could not think of anything to stop the opponent's explosive and expected moves. 2:1 OG. In the fourth game, Liquid retreated against the threat of defeat, but then ventured too far into the enemy base and was punished. OG turned a 1,000 gold gap at 20 minutes into a 10,000 gold lead at 24 minutes. That was too much. Liquid's main building fell and OG had his second international title in two years.
Million prize money

But that wasn't the only historical thing about the finale. As the winner, OG also secures the highest prize money in the history of eSports. More than 15.5 million US dollars go to the European team of 'N0tail'. For 'KuroKy' and Co. there is almost 4.5 million US dollars.

No pressure @oliverschmid @aggroed but an indication what is next on the Steem Gaming front


I think these two games are a bit too slow paced for a professional eSports crowd. But I could get behind matt and aggro creating a fast paced competitive game... it could be the next million dollar idea.

that sounds like a perfect plan - get behind our heroes and make them fast :-)