Splinterlands Daily Quest + Gold 2 unlocked

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Hey Splinterlands players!

I couldn't complete my daily quest yesterday as it was to be done with life. My life is relatively weaker than Water and fire. So It took much time to complete it. Anyhow, I've completed it and reached to G2 too. :D

After upgrading my water cards, I'm always playing with water. it became much easy for me to win even against level 8 cards, but yes not always. :P

The good thing is, it's only 3 days this season started and I'm in G2 already, that's unlike other seasons. I just pray to not get a quest with Earth lol my summoner is only level 3, I couldn't upgrade it at a low price and prices have skyrocketed. Damn...

Anyhow, below are my today's quest rewards, I got 7 cards and there is a gold foil creeping ooze. That's cool, its price was $1 but now its doubled :D Not bad. :)

That's all for now..


AWESOME! Life splinter is also hard to complete the quest for me.

Upgrade your cards lol, I also didn't upgrade my life commons yet. 😁

It needs the money and I don't have. xD

Collect money then, but other than having money you also need courage to spend it 😛 🤣

I don't have both. :D

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