Splinterlands Fantasy Story and Music Contest // Week 19 // The Frozen Soldier

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Hello everyone, this is my first participation on this contest style! I hope you like! In especial @steemmonsters!

The Frozen Soldier .

Trapped in his armor for so long, he no longer remembers what his face looked like. The position he accepted when him was young warrior apprentice erased the memory of what he looked like. By accepting the honor and duty to wear an ice armor, all that was left behind. Few knew his name, only the elders, descendants of those who had chosen him to be the new legendary Frozen Soldier,protector of the kingdom of Arlandria.


After two hundred years that same afternoon, admiring the twilight, he questioned the significance of his mission in the world after eighty years without war.

'' Hagios, you are ready. ''

'' Ready? I still feel I have a lot to learn. Please let me train some more. ''

'' Hagios, no time ... I don't know how long Rogus will take, he already wears frozen soldier armor
three hundred fifty years! He's tired, hurt, to be honest, he's almost dead. ''

"But, Master ..."

'' Hagios, I know you are still very young. The Youngest Chosen in the History of Frozen Soldiers, but you're ready,
Arlandria needs you ''

While remembering the conversation you had with your Master, or that most struck you in your memory, was how the Master looks for him, of pity, worry and sadness. But it had to be him.

''It had to be me.''(he whispered)

The night came like a sigh. The stars were brighter than normal, the wind was cold but mild, as a caress, caring that could not feel because the armor wouldn't allow it, but he wondered. The night seemed nice, but hagios felt sad.

"It's time for Hagios." He heard a voice from the Master, as if it had been a conversation the day before.

''Bring Rogus,' the Master told the subordinate soldiers. '' Hagios is ready. ''

Hagios was waiting in an ice cave with a large ice stone in the center, the subordinate soldiers came carrying Rogus, and laid him on the stone. The armor was impeccable, but Hagios smelled blood as he approached Rogus, and he knew that Rogus was seriously injured.

Everyone made a circle around the stone where Rogus was, except Hagios, he was beside her, took off the white robe he wore. He was completely naked. He put both hands on Rogus's chest and in doing so a bright light, came up, the brightest light everyone has ever seen, when he looked into his hands, he saw a little dagger of ice and energy, and looking at Rogus he saw a wounded and dead man. Shortly thereafter, the subordinate soldiers withdrew Rogus's body from the Ice Stone in absolute silence.

'' Now, do I need to lie down? '' Hagios asked his Master.
'' Yes, lie down, and when you get up it will be Arlandria's protective Frozen Soldier. This is the greatest honor a person can have Hagios ''

He lay down.

'' Do it.'' He heard the Master say.
Then, lying down, he raised the dagger, high and stabbed his chest hard in doing so,from the dagger the armor,
it began to form in her body until Hagios was completely covered by her.

Two hundred years in armor, no wonder the memories were so strong that day. Deprived of pleasures like eat, drink, lie down with a woman, the magic ice armor provided Hagios with everything he needed to survive.
But then why did Hagios feel so unhappy that day? And so hungry? Maybe because the hunger was not for food, but for life.

He decided to walk, to see if each step forward leaves behind some of his frustrations. At one point, he found a lake, and in so doing decided to approach and realized that on the far bank a old man sitting on a rock. He decided to go there. Meanwhile, the bright moonlight illuminated the almost frozen lake and the old man's blue clothes.
When he got close enough, he heard the old man say:

''I was waiting for you Hagios.'' Said the old man.

Hagios was perplexed. How could that old man know his name? He could only be one ...

'' My name is Alric, and yes, I'm a wizard. Said the old man as if he could read Hagios's thoughts, with a gentle smile.
'' Right ... How can I help Alric? You said you were waiting for me. ''
'' Yes, I need you to come with me. ''
'' Where? Hagios asked, confused by the mysterious wizard.
"It's called Splinterlands.''


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