SPT, a Token for Those Who Like Steem Monsters

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One more interesting token for us to play with! The SPT, a token for people who like the world of Steem Monsters game, or in other words, the Splinterlands. It's associated with the Splintertalk.io website, which uses the same software as Steemit, but is geared towards Steem Monsters-related content.

The token works very similar to the PALcoin, which I talked about in a previous post.

  • We can stake them (similar to powering up) and transform them into SPT Power to reward other people's posts with SPT, in addition to SBD and SP.
  • We can earn SPT from posts. When we use the #spt tag and people with SPT Power vote on our posts, we will receive the payout in SPT in addition to the normal SBD and SP. The post may be published either through their frontend, Splintertalk.io, or through Steemit, Busy, Steempeak or any other frontend you prefer to use. However, unlike the #palnet tag that can be used to post about practically any topic because the PAL's objective is to help users grow, the Splintertalk's objective is to be a place specificaly for the Steem Monsters community. So, the #spt tag is only for posts related to Steem Monsters/Splinterlands. The official Splintertalk announcement post says that they have a free downvote pool that they can use on irrelevant posts.
  • We can earn SPT from curating and upvoting other people's posts that use the #spt tag.
  • Another way to earn SPT is to participate in the Splinterlands Forum, a place to discuss everything Steem Monsters/Splinterlands. The forum is linked to the STEEM blockchain, and when people with SPT Power upvote our topics and replies, we will earn SPT at payout (and also SBD and SP!).
  • And we can trade SPT for STEEM on the Steem Engine market.
  • It seems easier to earn SPT in a higher quantity than to earn PALcoins.

To know how much SPT your posts have earned and the balance on your wallet, use the [Splintertalk.io][interface].


Image source: screenshot of the page where we can trade SPT, on the Steem Engine market.

Currently, SPT doesn't seem to have any special use besides being traded for STEEM on the market, and it's value is very low ($0.0065 STEEM at the moment of the screenshot). However, I believe this may change soon, like what happened to the PALcoin. I had checked the PALcoin's value on the market at the beginning of last week (while it still couldn't be used for getting upvotes from MinnowSupport), and it was very low (I think it was around 0.02 STEEM). Now, the PALcoin is being sold for more than 0.3 STEEM. Since Steem Monsters/Splinterlands is a project that also grows very fast, I believe that the same thing may happen to SPT once it gets a special use. It might be a good idea to accumulate SPT now that it's value on the market is low and the token is easier to get.


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