11 - Season 33, I am curious πŸ™„

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the potion works again

I haven't created any post last 13 days because I didn't play much with this account. I was taking a break and get busy with reading webtoons πŸ˜… old toons but still up till these days.

Last season I ended up on Gold 2, and then stop playing for 9 days😁 nothing really interesting to share from rewards I revealed. Just common and most of them were POTIONS 😜.

I make a round on all accounts I played today just to check whether I will find something nice to show offπŸ™ˆπŸ™Š unfortunately, none!

This is the best rewards I got today😁 not bad at all, my second golden monkey on this account. I skipped the life quest like a habit and enjoy battling with the fire splinter. Great, because I don't need to fight more than 7 Battles just to claim a golden πŸ’ Monkey.

When you tortured yourself by eating this sour fruit, and the game finally gave You something nice, you're okay!

The game a lil bit boring, lately. I don't know why, but I keep playing when I need to think about other things. The game helps me made up my mind. All I have to do just click here and there, then it runs itself πŸ˜…no need to wait for energy recharge or monster evolving somewhere in the tower anyway.

I know steemit is not quite lovely as usual, but why stop steeming?

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they are supposed to be making a lot of cool changes to the game... Hopefully, all this tron drama will blow over soon and we can get on with business as usual. I am sure it is super distracting for the Splinterlands team.