4. Did you see the error notice?

in #spt10 months ago

The mission accomplished and it's time to claim the rewards

Hi, Helloooo..

I don't think I will face something like this so soon after the new reward system, but it happened.

what's that Alpha?

I claimed the chest, but nothing happens 🙃 so I refresh the page and this is what I got when I claimed the chest again.

It said that there is an error on this transaction😆

Because I was experiencing the same situation with another lvl 1 deck on silver 3 league before, I think I know what I got!

Yeaahh right! No cards but just potions

And I can say it loudly now 🤪 IT'S NOT FUN!

You should have seen what you claimed even though it's not cards but DEC or POTIONS 😜 and I'd prefer common cards like undead minotaur or sea monster rather than this error.

Is that happening because I muted the use of potion? Naahhh... I don't think so. I don't know what you think..but no card drop in is not fun at all!