Daily Dividends, A Haunting Dilemma, and an Untamed Conclusion

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Ever see the team formation your opponent has chosen, then you wonder what kind of idiot would do such a thing under the current rules, and then you proceed to get mollywhopped? Man it sure sucks.

Anyways, onto the daily Dividends!

Daily Dividends:


So, yesterday I was assigned the Death splinter. Please refer to my last SM post to know how it went.



Today, I was initially presented with the Life challenge but as always, I immediately changed to get the Fire quest. After a few losses I decided to let it rest for the day, using my recharging ECR as a scapegoat.

Those rewards will be for a future post.

A Haunting Dilemma:


Ok, I know it's been a minute since I alluded to my love for the haunted spider(HS for future reference) or more specifically, monsters with the poison ability. But then again, knowing my love for the Death splinter, it should be more or less a given. And there comes in my dilemma.

For the longest time now, I have been wondering whether or not I should upgrade my HS to level 6. Currently at level 4 and with a speed of 2, he's just perfect for reverse battles, but is nowhere near as effective in other circumstances, though he's still deadly when his attacks connect.

My stance has been that since my Skeleton Assassin also has the poison ability, and is already ridiculously fast, that he should balance out with HS.

The issue though, as I'm noticing more and more each day, their use cases aren't always interchangeable. That holds true specially when a thorny monster is put at the back, making my sneaky shenanigans, pointless.

Such skirmishes get worse when my opponent also uses a sniper who just so happens to be faster than my HS. It can be demoralizing when HS gets taken out before his poison is unleashed, and worse, when he hasn't even attacked yet.

Now, normally those arguments would lead me to opt to upgrade HS but, in reverse speed a slow HS makes me a force to be reckoned with and most times dare I say, unbeatable. I actually always look forward to slow fights for that reason.

Quite the dilemma indeed, will let you know when I make a final decision!

An Untamed Conclusion:

Tic, tac, tic, tac, 3 more days until the Untamed pre-sale ends. I got myself 1 more pack yesterday, I now have 19, only one to go until I reach my 20 pack goal. I'm getting more and more impatient to see the incoming additions to my collection though, fingers crossed I'll hit a few jackpots!

Credit for the graphics goes to flauwy and the steemmonsters team;



A great Splinterlands post! Nice on 20 packs! An upvote is coming your way from Steem Monsters!

Yeah, about those 20 packs, after get a sneak peak at the incoming new monsters and abilities I've decided to get a few more... If steem-engine allows that it is. lol Anyways, cheers for the vote and for passing by

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