Legendary Galore, Goldies and, Champion ?

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These last few weeks I haven't been lucky when it comes to quest rewards but it seems it's a whole other story when it cones to orbs. On Saturday, I decided to go ahead. and shop spree, Hehehe, if this ain't luck then I don't know what luck is. You just check some of the cards I pulled that day and tell me. Hehehehe

[Plus One More Lord of Fire, forgot to screenshot, both in the furnace now.

[That Minotaur Warrior has a thing for me it seems, I'd pulled another another the week before.]



I'd pulled more goldies than Legendaries during Saturday's shopping spree but I no longer have them, they've all been burned, as you do. I'd also bought more orbs but meh, too lazy to upload them all.😜

Ok, now onto some anticipation. With less than 24 hours to go until the end of the season, tensions are high, fingers are cramping, ranks are flip flopping and I'm in the Diamond I league.

Tik tok, tik tok, can I make to Champion? That certainly would be a first but hey, who knows. Find out in my next SPL edition;



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Thanks for passing by. Yeah I gotta check that website, heard so much about it.