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A lot of changes while I was absent posting about Splinterlands

I have made a few drafts while I was planning on posting something, but they are all outdated again I guess. Oh well, let's just try to catch up on what's been going on recently in the Splinterlands. Although I wasn't posting, I have been doing the quest on my own account and @tiger-heron every day hoping for some great rewards. At first, it was quite disappointing opening a chest with 7 potions instead of having the fun opening 7 chests. But, my prayers were heard because shortly after, some changes were made and in my opinion, this is much better!

9 feb quest.png
9 feb quest1.png

Above one of the rewards on tiger-heron, not the greatest card but in combination with some chests filled with a higher amount of dec than usual, it was nice.

anouk 6 feb.png

This reward came on my account on my daughter's birthday last week <3.

Pushed my account to Diamond 3 yesterday

I don't expect to stay there unless the Splinterlands gods will be giving me the Dragon quest the last days of the season. Meaning I can play Camila :)

anouk d3.png

The reward that I received in Diamond 3 were:

d3 reward.png

Nothing special, sadly. Only one new card. I haven't really been able to have a look at the new reward cards so far. I'm very very pleased though, that they have the Untamed looks! That makes them so much cooler to look at, but ability-wise I can't give any opinion yet. Let's first collect some cards, and see which one gets combined high enough to see some kick-ass abilities appear. If you have any favorites already, let me know in a comment.

Selling a lot of cards again

Recently I've been getting a few opportunities to earn some fiat which will bring my dream of moving to a better house with a garden so much closer than ever before, meaning I have to make some decisions. I looked at my current account value, knowing what it was not long ago, and knowing how quickly the values have been dropping every single day, and knew if I was to use the card value (partially) to achieve this goal of moving to a better area, I'd had to act now.

This is not an easy decision though, I've done it before (selling off my deck) and regret selling many of them. But this time it's also a health reason that made me decide on doing so. We live in a city with such high air pollution it's disgusting walking in our street honestly. But the main reason is that our toddler has been nothing but ill since she started the nursery in early September. I know it's normal building resistance and it will go away, but I also know that we can provide a more green area for her to live in to at least not be exposed to as much dirt as we are now.

Her being ill is so sad for her, but also hard on me as I'm constantly trying to catch up on things. I could be so much more productive if this problem was even reduced to 50% compared to now. I have this goal set, and it doesn't matter how I do it, as long as I will do it and as quickly as possible. So many of my cards will be in the market, some I will be keeping to play and a few will be in the rental market (more about that in a bit).

So I haven't lost my love for the game, I'm just making a decision that's best for our daughter (and us) at the moment. I'm quite sure that I will start renting some cards in the near future to keep playing. But there's another advantage to this because when my own deck is not good enough to play, I will focus more on the great delegated deck instead.

Untamed legendaries in the rental market

The first four cards that I've decided to put in the rental market on @peakmonsters are these 4:


There are only 2 GF Camila summoners in the rental market, mine is the lowest rental fee a day. Pick it up while it's there. Knowing that many people probably use these GF summoners for tournaments, I have set the min rental period at 3 days only (instead of 14).

camilla level 2.png

This is the only level 3 Magnor in the rental market, so if you are in Gold league, and not in need of the level 4 (maxed) Magnor, take this opportunity to rent my level 3 while it's still available:

magnor level 3.png




I hope your daughter gets better soon! I have a son who has severe Cerebral Palsy so I know how tough it all can be. Your dream house sounds amazing to me! Have a great day and an upvote is on the way and thanks for bringing new people to the game- your friend cuko!

Ah, really, how old is he? Does he go to a school so you have some time for yourself or are you the only caretaker for him? I don't know anything about it, I had to google it, but it seems like he needs a lot of care. Now I feel like such a complainer having to deal with the colds/coughs/ eye/ ear infections she has all the time. Here it's probably mostly due to school and her still having bad immume system after not going to daycare but at home with me.

But living in a less dirty area with more green around us will help for sure, so let's keep the faith that will happen soon :)

And I had no idea @cuko was a gamer girl lol, but she's hooked so you will see her more often, I'm sure. Thanks for helping her get started when she hopped in the SL server!


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My son is old, lol! He is 24 and taking care of any child is a lot of work and I think your home with more nature around sounds amazing! I am sure it will make a big difference in your lives. I think the best places I have ever lived in were around nature like the beach or the country! Nature is awesome! I hope she feels better soon!

Lol, old !! that's still a young fella @clove71 :) But yeah I assumed you meant a younger kid ;) Sorry son ;)

Before winter kicked in, we went up the mountain with a train for the first time. I swear, during the ride I felt so much better being surrounded by trees and other transport. All us three slept like babies when we got back home. Nature at its best.

Thanks, we hope she will feel better soon too. :)

Thanks to both of you for all the help! <3

Thanks to both of you for all the help! <3

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alot have changed concerning splinterlands and the changes are very lovely ones and they are awesome too...

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