Finally, my Prince found his way home!

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Way too expensive mystery rewards

It was quite sad seeing one reward card after the other as a mystery reward. And especially because usually, it was a common reward card, making the mystery gift a very expensive one. Days before the end of the last season, my mystery potions were finished and that morning I had to go somewhere in the early morning. I looked at the potions, shall I buy a new set of 10 or not? I decided to do so as the guild was now still level 10 and max discount. I went to do my things that day to forget about the mystery reward because I didn't get excited much lately about these. It's just that I didn't want to miss the opportunity to open a Prince Julian. In the afternoon I opened Splinterlands, and found another reward card in my potion. Damn it. Then it started shaking, oh heck yes!!! I felt this was Julian...


BOOM! Welcome home, my little bossy Prince!

Then I also opened these rewards after completing my quest:

29 feb anouk quest.png

This is the 3rd golden chicken I've opened since it got introduced. Not bad, right? It is seriously the first Zalran Efreet I found in all the card openings. So that's pretty cool that I finally have one of these.

For the orb opening, I bought a few potions as I didn't have 5 left of each. Here are the cards inside the orb:

orb 29 feb.png

This is actually where my luck ended as season rewards were not nice at all. But my Boss Baby made it all worth it last season. He's pretty good at bossing around as well, he gets it done. Haha.



Congrats!!! What a great card to receive!!! An upvote is on the way from SM!

Thanks @clove71 I was soooo thrilled, as you can imagine :) it's such a great card!

Thanks for the vote <3

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