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RE: Splinterlands Untamed | One day after the release...

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That's exactly what I experience, I have a hard time reading the names sometimes, but mostly seeing what's exactly on the card because of the brightness or the colors that blend in too hard with the background and or frame of the card. Which I hope some day they will adapt to make it a little easier on the eyes!

Ps I don't feel that's weird at all what you're saying about opening packs. Whenever I open them, I put on headphones and focus on the opening. Don't want to be disturbed lol. :) Often when I think really hard that I find a legendary, I hoover over another card than the first one, and tadaaaa.. magic :) so cool!


Yeah, @anouk.nox.spt, I joined this Kickstarter mainly because of promotions and air drops, but more and more I am convinced that I am not very lucky opening packs, I would rather save $ to buy the cards I need directly in the market, but first let the prices stabilize. Anyway it's fun and I'm still going to buy some, maybe discounted guild orbs, from time to time.