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RE: Three Rule Sets Using My Life Splinter - Mana 17: My Splinterlands Journey #4

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So did you also buy untamed packs? And if so, how are you liking these?
I bought 100 packs yesterday.. still trying to balance out the account (selling off some others levelling up) found some cool cards :) the graphics are awesome!

Have a nice day <3


Hehehe, I did buy a few Untamed packs. Oh my goodness... 100 packs!!! I can tell that you love the game! I do too, but I still have to upgrade many of my cards. All of my Fire Splinter are still on level 1, and I cannot do any quest, because it is asking for 5 wins using the Fire Splinter. Then my strongest team, I think, is the Water Splinter, but all my cards are just on level 3. I guess I have to content myself being stuck in the Silver League until I could level up my cards to compete in the Gold League.
But do you think that this game is more a game of skill or a game of "higher level cards wins".
Have a beautiful day, my friend @anouk.nox.spt, and take care 🥰🌺🤙

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