What a season! Airdrop, and HUGE tournament today!

in The City of Neoxian11 months ago

Wow, what a great season it was!

Finally, I managed to break through the silver 3 league about a week ago (feels like I was stuck in there forever lol) with @tiger-heron. @janoshik had been upgrading the cards almost constantly, which I highly appreciate! But lack of knowledge about what cards I really missed in the account made it hard to put a finger on why I couldn't get into Diamond or even touch Champion 3 at some point as I did with @lava-heron.

But a few weeks ago he upgraded the deck with so many great cards, I'm talking these legendary summoners maxed and all their monster friends.. Man, it's seriously like being in a candy shop. Stress, choices, choices, what to do? This one looks awesome, but then again that one too! I want to try them all! Honestly, sometimes I do in a 99 mana game, just throwing an army of legends in there to see what happens. Well, this happened:


Finally, I got more confident playing all these cards that were new, and I managed to pull it off to Champ 3. I tried getting it into Champ 2, but that didn't seem to work today. Luckily, I never dropped out of champion 3 while trying.

Fun fact: my high score with @tiger-heron was 3880 earlier today when I beat @nealmcspadden playing this battle.


I managed to play @lava-heron to Diamond 1 this season, which I'm fine with. Earlier today I thought I might not make it, but suddenly things went quite smooth, making me decide to play a few more games once the quest was completed so I ended up in Diamond 1 opening the cards.


And of course not to forget my main account, I just pulled it over the 2500 points today. Which is fine .. not expecting to get that one into Diamond at the moment honestly. Gold 1 will do :)

Finally, my purchases counted for the airdrop!

I first checked my alt account, where I noticed that I had bought 330 packs that were eligible for this airdrop.


I received 13 regular cards:


When checking in my main account, I saw that I had 274 packs counting for this airdrop. Which should be good for a few more cards, right?


I got 8 more cards airdropped. In total just a little below the average of 1 in 24, but I'm happy with this airdrop! Just need 4 more of them to combine it to a level 4 summoner. Fingers crossed these will find their way to me soon :)


Huge tournament tomorrow!!

Did you notice that @aggroed announced a huge tournament on the last day of the year? Aka today, over here it's just after midnight at the time of this writing.


Do you see the prizes? Tomorrow at 4 PM my time it's game time. If you want info about the start of the tournament in your timezone, check the page of the tournament, please!

The top 128 gets paid! And not just a few DEC, no no, the prizes start at 3000 DEC, and the winner gets 150000 DEC!

Insane, right? Hurry up and sign up, make sure you won't miss this one!

Good luck opening season rewards in a while, for me there are 214 cards waiting, let's hope an army of awesome golden monsters is waiting for me :)



Woohooo thanks @contestkings awesome vote :)

A bit early, but wishing you a happy new year :)

Congrats to the summoner airdrops and good luck with the tourney!


Thanks :) I managed to stay in the first paid round, but unfortunately, I was not focussed enough to win it to 10k round.. But still a nice tourney! Did you play? And win?

@kryptokayden played my account for me and got to the 40k DEC level. :)

Oh, that's awesome!! Well done @kryptokayden :) You rock girl!


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