With endings, come new beginnings and some other Splinterlands topics

A botting problem in tournaments?

Today it came to my attention reading in the Mav's room that there seems to be a botting problem in the gold foil tournaments. Not only in those btw, but I think I also read this is an issue in the Alpha tournaments. It seems as if these bot accounts that sometimes don't even own a single gold foil card, can sign up to the tournaments anyway where normally it should not be possible in case of not enough gold cards. Apparently, some even reach the prize round due to being matched up with each other, which sounds like a serious problem. It's pretty frustrating to read this, and I hope this will be solved rather sooner than later. I believe @yabapmatt already took note of the issue, thankfully.

Remember that hilarious meme?

I don't know who made it (sorry) but it got shared by @clove71 in the Splinterlands discord at the time and it was hilarious. I never ever forgot to NOT select the chicken using High Priest Darius after that. This meme is about the Angel of Light, like in the battle I played.


I had to think about that meme earlier today when batteling on the @tiger-heron account:

angel of light, revived a chicken.png

I didn't win the battle, but I laughed really loud because that meme came to mind when the chicken was brought back. I bet this person must have thought damn 5 mana down the drain. Thankfully, the opponent won, so nothing lost really.

All-time low opening Untamed packs

Today I bought 5 Untamed packs in the secondary market via MonsterMarket Shop, where I only paid 1650 DEC each. I'm glad this was the case because this was quite a loss. I don't think that I've ever seen a value this low before.


Luckily the loss was limited thanks to the lower price I paid in DEC. Lately, it doesn't feel worth it at all buying Untamed packs, that's why I usually decide to buy smaller amounts to limit the feeling of losing money.

With endings come new beginnings

I want to thank @tcpolymath for setting up the herons system, I was there almost from the start and never encountered any problems. You have been nothing but kind and a quick responder in case of bugs. I hope you will enjoy your extra free time in the sun drinking un Cerveza!

Where the transition to the new herons system was supposed to go smooth, things turned out different. As everyone knows, I can't write in English very well, so I will just follow that advice of yours and start practicing my English.

Discord is just something where I don't pay attention to spelling errors, I think many can relate to that. If something is not clear, you can just ask me instead of assuming stuff. But mostly, get some manners instead of insulting someone you don't even know. Thankfully, all ends well for me and this incident was actually more of a blessing than a curse.

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Ooooh! Girl! What happened in Discord?!
No! Don't tell me... While I'm mildly interested, I find that Discord breeds a special kind of drama. It's like... true colors can't be hidden, which is weird, cause we are literally TYPING and CHOOSING what words to send. #somepeople #amirite?
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Hehe, I shall remember those words "Discord breeds a special kind of drama".

You are so right! :) It's not even important as this drama turned out to be blessing in the end!

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The meme was @handtalk5's, if I'm not mistaking.

I truly hope Matt can fix those botting issues in tourneys, preferably sooner than later.

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