Lets Talk about Zalran Efreet

in #sptlast year


Zalran Efreet is a Legendary Fire Monster that can be obtained from Reward Chests. It has four main abilities mainly Life Leech, Cleanse, Headwinds, and Strengthen. Now I have to say, I am not a huge fan of this Monster. It might be because I have yet to max out this card but I feel like this Monster is a little underpowered. It has 2 Attack and 3 Health at Max Level and with the Life Leech Ability that is kinda good but not worth a legendary card in my opinion. I think if the Attack was +1 or the Health was +2 this would have definitely been worthy in my mind.


Now as you can see I got myself a Zalran Efreet and I am really not sure whether I should sell it or should I just keep it. Just so you know it is worth over 1 USD so that is good in my opinion. I might have to seriously overload my Brain with this Monster so that I can decide what to do.



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