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in spt •  9 months ago 

It was a wonderful experience again. Yesterday I mentioned that I was able to reach the Silver I league easily with continuous winning streak. Today again the winning streak continued. I was able to proceed further and reach the next league.


I did not expect my progress to be this fast in this season. There are still 11 more days before the end of the season and I'm already in Gold III league. I have to say that luck is also one of the factors. But the splinters that I got in the daily quest is also one of the biggest contributor for my progress. I would have not been very comfortable playing with death splinter or life splinter. I'm glad that I got Earth as my daily splinter for the past two days.


Increase in league levels also brings more reward cards. I was able to grab some good reward cards by completing the daily quest. I'm a bit skeptical about my winning streak because I don't think it will continue further because there will be high level players already in these leagues. I might get a chance if I decide to upgrade some of the cards to compete with others. I have a few DECs already waiting in my account for the purchase of some summoner cards.

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