My Steemmonsters Adventure - All normal cards from the quest rewards

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The rewards from the daily quest were not very impressive. It was not a pleasant experience to play with Earth Splinter. Out of 10 games that I play, it is something like I win only 2 or 3 out of it. Sometimes it is also frustrating to continue playing after seeing the quest rewards. Today some of my friends shared that they got some legendary cards from their daily quest rewards. With so much of anticipation, I completed the daily quest and expected at least some rare or epic cards in the quest rewards but ended up with just disappointment.


I received the above rewards from today's daily quest. You can imagine how frustrating it would be for to get all normal cards from the quest. I completely agree that not every single day would be a jackpot for us but usually, when there is a disappointment, it becomes quite boring to continue playing without great rewards. Even though I share my sad story a lot here in this article, I will still shamelessly continue playing expecting some better rewards at least tomorrow.


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