My Steemmonsters Adventure - Super Sneak and Melee monsters only is a great combination

in #sptlast year

Now we have multiple rules in single ranked match. I was a bit skeptical about that when the rule was introduced. I was not sure if the rule would be good for us or not. Though I still have that doubt, it was very interesting when I saw this particular rule where you can use your melee monster and they also get super sneak ability.


I immediately pick my fire summoner as soon as I see this rule. The reason is because in the fire summoner I have Exploding dwarf which can be used from any position. That is the main reason why I'm happy about this rule in particular. Most probably you will not be able to use Exploding dwarf in any of the other games except for the ones where all Melee monsters get super sneak or when Melee monsters can attack from any position. Even in those situations, I also prefer choosing my Earth cards because I have I love rexxie which is another powerful card to attack from any position.


Well my today's quest rewards were again not very exciting. Above is my quest reward. I did get one rare card. But not very great. All other cards are just usual and normal cards.