Splinterlands - 30 reward cards for the first time from Season rewards

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It was a fresh morning and I was really very curious to check my season rewards as soon as I woke up. I wanted to open the season rewards on my laptop so that I can make some screenshots. With mobile taking a screenshot of all the rewards is not very easy. In my laptop, I have to option to zoom out in my browser to cover all the reward cards.

Like I mentioned in some of my previous articles, this season was really very great. I was able to progress very well this season. I reached the new mark of 2500 ratings in the previous season which is a new record for me. I guess I will be able to break the same record in the near future. Because of that new record I was also pushed to the Gold I league to receive 30 reward cards.


As I woke up, I was curious to open the quest rewards and as usual, I opened the rewards one by one. I have to remember something that my previous two season rewards had been very great where I was able to get some legendary card as well as some great cards. But this time I didn't have any big expectations before opening the cards. I stayed neutral and wanted to accept whatever I get.


I slowly opened my cards one by one and received the above set of cards. The rewards consisted of 2 epic cards and 4 rare cards. As usual, there were also a lot of new cards in the distribution. This week I'm planning to spend some time upgrading my existing cards and make sure my deck is neat and filled with appropriate cards that I will need. When I say appropriate cards, I mean I will be doing some upgrades to the new cards that have been really useful for me in the battles.


Have a great year Bala and wife. God bless you with health, wealth and happiness and another set of legs.

Thank you @clove71 😊