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Today was an absolutely busy day with no opportunity to even get out of my seat in the office. It's been more than 13 hours since I came to the office but I'm still stuck to my chair. Today there was a critical issue and had to prepare an immediate fix and send it to release. I did not get any time today to even think about steem or play Splinterlands game or anything really productive.

But now I really wanted to deviate my mind from work and wanted to focus on writing something today. As I did not have any game outcome to showcase today, I thought I will just go with a free write for today. That is when I started reading some of the articles. In one of the articles, the author mentioned about the hopes that Splinterlands is giving for the investors. After reading that article, I really wanted to appreciate the creativity of the game creator.


There can be so many games out there similar to card collection game but bringing such games to the Steem platform was a wonderful idea and by the way after bringing the game here, sustaining a good plan and introducing new features in the game is again even more powerful thing. Though its been several months since the launch of this game, even today there are people who are willing to join the game. The game design is in such a way that you get for what you have and what you deserve.

There is also a luck element in the game but the hard effort and investment always pay its price. I'm really happy and glad to be part of this gaming community though I'm not as active as some people who play for several hours in a day. I sometimes feel that I'm wasting my earning opportunity by not using my energy capture rate well. Let's see how the game goes.

Splinterlands is one of the best use cases for steem blockchain and I would rather say that it is one of the reasons for steem to stay alive even today. I should say that the apps contribute the major share for the sustainability of this chain. Let's hope to see this get even better.

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