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in spt •  8 months ago 

In one of the posts last week, I did mention that I will be purchasing more cards in the coming weeks. Yesterday I purchased a powerful Fire splinter summoner. Today again I purchased some cards to add to my fire deck. I wanted to make sure my fire splinter is powerful enough to handle the battles. I'm not sure if I will be getting fire splinter as my summoner in the daily quest rewards but preparation is always good. It will be good if I can at least keep one deck powerful so that I can face some good ranked matches with powerful cards.




As part of the purchase plan, I purchased the cards displayed above. This time I did not spend the DEC that I had in my account, instead, I spent some SBD balance that I had in my account to purchase the cards. As the market is always pegged to $ price, I'm happy to spend the remaining SBD that I had because it can take a lot of time for steem to recover and start printing SBD again if I'm not wrong.

By purchasing these cards, I'm bringing my fire monsters to level 5 which is going to help me a lot during some of the battles. The fire summoner is currently level 6 and if my monsters are at low levels it is not going to be of great help. So, I decided to increase the levels of my frequently used monsters. Some of the cards that I have purchased above are low valued cards.

I regret for not purchasing them from the market long back. Of course, I was waiting to get them as rewards but these purchases are not going to drain so much of resources from me anyways.

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