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For the past few days I have been getting fire splinter for my daily quest. I did explain that in my previous articles as well. Today while playing the game, it made me feel very comfortable to use fire splinter for daily quests. I have almost completed around 4 days of games using my fire splinter deck. I don't know how but I got Fire splinter as my daily quest splinter for about 4 times in the row. This is really great.


There is still one more day before the end of season and I'm already glad that I have reached Gold I league. I have been saying this for the past few seasons already that I have to somehow reach the next league but unfortunately it is not happening yet. I couldn't manage to complete the ranked matches consistently and reach the next league. But nevermind, I will be patient for some more season and let things happen gradually.

As there are still more than a day left to play some games, I'm going to be trying to achieve entering Gold I league. I'm not sure if this is going to happen or not. But there is no harm in trying. My fire deck is somewhat good looking now and I'm planning to focus on upgrading some of the cards in the other decks as well.


I received the above cards from today's quest rewards. That's actually a lot of cards to be honest. I wish some day I start my season from this league level so that from day one I will be able to grab some great cards.

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