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Yesterday the season end rewards were distributed and I did get a chance to claim the season end rewards only today. The past two days had been very busy for me and I'm expecting the same for the next few weeks as well. I might even skip writing articles towards this weekend and next week. I'm not very sure. But I'm glad that I'm able to find a few mins per day to at least login to splinterlands and play the game. Especially I was able to claim the rewards for the previous season.


I did receive 26 reward cards from the previous season. Two days back I wrote an article saying that I already missed 30 cards because of my absence for around 5 days. I was also able to reach the Gold II league only towards the end of the season.


I have to admit that I'm quite happy about the season end rewards. I got lots of Rare cards and two gold foil cards. Though I did not get any legendary cards in the season rewards, I'm satisfied with the rare cards. I believe there was also an epic card in the quest reward. The rare cards are going to be really helpful in making my deck more powerful. I'm also thinking about selling some of the unused cards and purchasing some summoners out of the money that I get from selling the unused cards. I have not made any decision on that yet but it is just a thought.

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You got to the same level as me this season, and I also got two gold cars - wood nymph and vampire. !COFFEEA !MARLIANS

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The Brownie is also a nice card :)

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Nice! 2 gold foil cards.