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in spt •  8 months ago 

I have been playing the game after a long break starting yesterday. I also made a post about my come back yesterday. I couldn't spend enough time last week to play the game. But I'm really very glad that I was able to come back and complete the daily quests with ease. I also managed to reach Gold II before the end of this season. A few more hours left before the end of the season. I'm glad that I made it till this far.


While starting to play the game, I noticed that there were over 4500 DEC in my account. I was not sure how I received so much of DEC. I remember having around 1799 DEC in my account but I found that the numbers increased by over 3000 DEC. I'm not so sure who sent me those DEC because I don't have a way to check that because it was sent to my in-game wallet and not the Steem Engine wallet.

As I went missing for the past few days, I couldn't play the game. But when I came back and noticed some extra DEC in the account, I felt really happy. The reason is that I had a small concern that I was missing the opportunity to earn some DEC because I was keeping my Energy Capture Rate at 100% all the time. But I'm not sure who sent me those tokens and how it reached my wallet.


But whoever sent me, I'm really happy about it because it will help me purchase some summoner cards with this. As I mentioned in many of my previous articles, my next focus would be to get some summoner cards for the other splinters and make the deck even more interesting.


I received the above rewards from the daily quest. Today another good thing about the Splinterlands journey was the end of season rewards. I will cover those details in another article.

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