Splinterlands - Making my daily post in the morning

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For the past few days I have made it as a practice to write my splinterlands post in the morning. So for it is really good. Previously I used to play the games towards the end of the day. By the time I play the game I will be really sleepy and after I complete the daily quests in the game, I would feel like sleeping immediately. It was highly challenging for me to write the daily post before my bed. I used to push myself really had for that.

Now I have to say that after I started writing the articles in the morning, I feel like I have lots of time available before my bed time. I don't have to worry so much about playing the game and writing article on the same. There was also a restriction that I kept for myself that my first post of the day should always be a splinterlands post. If I had to stick to that, then I end up not posting any other articles for the day.

Now that I make the splinterlands posts in the morning, I have enough time throughout the day to make other posts as I desire. Of course time is the other factor and laziness can be another reason why I'm not making any other posts these days. My real life is keeping me very busy and it is going to be like that for at least another one month. Probably I will get back to my posting streak after that.

So, in my current pattern, the first thing that I do after I wake up in the morning is to play few splinterlands game and write an article on that. It hardly takes only one hour or less than that for the same and I have found this pattern to be really comfortable for me. Sometimes there is again a small difficulty on writing the article than playing the game. Some days I don't feel like writing anything. I think this is the usual thing for every writer.

Something that I noticed was that mornings are really good for writing articles. The reason is because the mind is fresh with less thoughts and had lots of room for thinking. The article flow is really good in the morning compared to writing it towards the end of the day.

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