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For the past few days, my day to day life had been really busy and I couldn't spend enough time online playing splinterlands game. I'm able to see that I have been wasting my ECR very well but I couldn't help it. Today I managed to play few games and used the ECR well. I was able to reach the Silver I league by playing some games continuously. It was indeed a great experience to play and reach the next league.


I initially thought I would just open the daily quest rewards after I completed the quest. But then I thought why not try to reach the next league level and go for claiming the rewards because I get an extra card after reaching the next league level.


This quest reward is something that I got by completing the quest yesterday. I couldn't make a post yesterday with this because I felt I did not have enough things to say about my progress yesterday. So, I saved the screenshot and included it in today's post. The rewards were not very great. I did receive one rare card though which is indeed good not a helpful card.


I received the above cards for completing the quest today. I was able to complete the quest with ease today because I think fire splinter works really well for me. I have already upgraded my fire deck cards so it is indeed good to have a deck to climb higher levels. I'm really excited about the new features that are going to emerge in the splinterlands game. I have not contributed anything to this new fundition campaign but I'm just going to be an observer looking forward to seeing some exciting cards and features in the game as usual.

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Nice Splinterlands post! I will be giving this a SM upvote. You can drop your future Splinterlands posts in the Discord under the sm-post promo channel for a chance to get an upvote! https://discord.gg/mqzQ9dK

Okay thanks @clove71. I will remember that next time. 👍 Thank you so much for the Curation.

Yes! You have a nice post here. When you are in Discord-check out the steemmonsters fan art channel- there are free dividers for posts, free art, gifs, logos,etc. all there for your use- they are pinned in there too.

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Thank you so much @clove71.