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in spt •  8 months ago 

I have not been using my Energy Capture rate effectively. I noticed that I usually waste it by not playing games frequently. Most of the time it stays 100% which is not very great for my investment. Today I thought I have to do something about it. I decided to purchase one summoner card at least every week. I guess I should be able to somehow accumulate 200 - 300 DEC per day and if it goes good, I should be able to purchase a summoner card every week.


Sometimes it can be so tempting to purchase other cards to upgrade my deck. But I'm going to control my temptations until I make sure my summoners are at a good level compared to the other cards. I have made decent progress with the fire splinter and so far it looks good. My next focus would be on the other summoners so that I can have other decks as powerful as the fire deck.

I don't have any thoughts to spend STEEM or SBD on purchasing cards. I already spent all the SBD that I had on upgrading my fire deck. My next target would be to make use of the DEC that I have and the DEC I would get every day by playing the game. This also clearly shows that if I don't play games regularly, then it is also a loss for me because I lose the opportunity to grab some DEC to upgrade my deck.


My daily quests are happening at least regularly for the past 2 days. But the problem is I don't spend time playing some casual games so that I can grab some DEC. I have to think about this and do this every day. I received the above rewards by completing the quest today.

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