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in spt •  8 months ago 

We still have 15 more hours before the end of this league at the time I write this article. I'm pretty happy about my progress this season. The main reason is that I was able to reach my all-time highest rating this season. My rating is now 2307 in this season. If I push a little bit harder, I might be able to reach the next league but I'm not going to do that for now. I have already drained my Energy capture rate enough to make this progress.


Apart from this I also made a huge investment today in purchasing a Medusa card for my water splinter deck. Water splinter is also one of my comfortable decks in the game. The main reason is because of the gold foil Ruler of seas card that I have. This card has helped me win so many games. Additionally, I also wanted to make my deck even more powerful with some more magic monsters in the deck. That is the reason why I went to purchase the Medusa card.


I initially thought of purchasing only a card till level 5 but when I checked the market a 32 BCX card was pretty cheap. I wanted to spend the SBD that I had in my account to purchase this card. With this card, I will just need 5 more cards to get to the next level. But I'm not going to focus on that now because it is not going to be of any value as my summoner level is pretty low right now.


My next focus would be to invest in a water splinter deck. My fire splinter deck looks good with decent cards now. It is time to get my water summoner to level 5 or level 6. This can maybe get me to the next league level at least in the next season. I'm not going to focus more on other decks for now just to make sure I progress slow and steady. I received the above cards from the daily quest rewards. Well, it was not an impressive reward but its okay.

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