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in spt •  8 months ago 

My card upgrades are working really well. I was able to have some winning streaks and I'm glad that I'm finally into the Gold III league already for this season. I have to really be happy about the splinters that I get for the daily quest. I have been getting the splinters that have a great deck. Now again, I have received Fire splinter as my next summoner for the daily quest. Today again it was fun to play with the summoner and win the daily quest.


Something that I noticed about the game was that I have been making my daily splinterlands post almost every day but the timing is quite wrong. I do the post towards the end of the day. This prevents me from making any other post for the day. I get lazy to write any other post after that.

I'm planning to write a post every day and post it as soon as I wake up in the morning, instead of making the post towards the end of the day. Anyways the posts that my make about my spliterlands journey are not grabbing me any great rewards but I'm quite glad to share the post. I feel that it will be good to share it in the morning going forward so that I can have some time throughout the day to write other posts if I can. These are some of the consequences of having forced habits. My habit here is to make sure that my first post of the day is usually a splinterlands post. I have either change that habit or find a solution for that.


I don't think this change will happen overnight. But I will try to work on that and make it a routine for me. I received the above rewards from today's quest. No gold foil cards today but I'm glad that I received an epic card today from the quest rewards.

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