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After the season end, it was indeed a slow start. I couldn't spend time yesterday and the day before yesterday to play splinterlands. Today I somehow managed to find some time to play and as expected my progress was really good in the game and I was able to reach Silver II league with ease. I'm planning to do more investments this season to upgrade my next deck after the fire deck. I'm quite comfortable with the fire deck now and my focus will be on another deck. My preferred choice would be water deck. But let's see.


I continued playing the quest today and as I reached Silver II league, I was able to grab 3 reward cards. Something I noticed today from the Splinter lands site was that I always have my zoom percentage as 75% instead of 100%. With the 75% zoom, the site looks a lot better than a 100% zoom. I guess it would be great if they can restructure the website to look like how it looks with just 75% zoom. I sometimes use the site on a bigger screen but still, it looks huge for even a bigger screen.


I completed the daily quest and received the above rewards from the quest. I now remembered that I also received a gold foil Goblin Mech from my season rewards as well. Today again another gold foil card from the quest reward. I have to go to the gold foil section and combine them. Even though it is only 3 cards from the quest rewards, I'm glad that the cards are really helpful cards.

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