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I'm quite happy and joyful to see that The Guild of Neoxian is now at its max level. I know there were few contributors who contributed so much to achieve this. The good thing about the guild is that it is one of the most popular guilds in Splinterlands and is the first guild to reach maximum Guildhall. Now it has become the responsibility of each and every participant to take the guild to the next level.


It has been a very busy day for the past two days. I couldn't spend enough time to wisely utilize the energy capture rate that I have. I always keep that at 100% because I'm not very regular at playing games every single day. Some days, I just play a few games just before going to bed. And that is when I also write a post about my splinterlands journey. I hope I will change this pattern soon and try to spend some more time in the game.

In a way, I'm comfortable by the way in which my progress is happening. My Fire splinter has been upgraded now to a decent level. I have listed some of the unused cards in the market as well. Not sure if it will be sold anytime soon. But I have placed it in the market just to see it hits the price that I have quoted. I was also thinking if it would a good option to sell some of the low-value cards as well as I don't need some of the cards. I also have a few gold foil cards in the deck and now I think whether it will be good to hold the normal cards or sell them.


My opportunity to play quests is not fully gone yet. I did manage to spend some time playing the game yesterday and grabbed the above 3 cards as rewards. All three cards are just common cards and not very exciting. As I always say "Every card counts". The reason is that even if it a normal card, then it will at least some time to help in combining the card and leveling up the cards. If I go to the next league level, there will be an additional card which is very good.

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