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Last week I wrote articles about upgrading my decks. I did find some time to review some of the cards and upgrade them to match with the summoner levels. I did not make any purchases from the market however I managed to upgrade with the cards I received from the quest rewards. Some of the neutral monsters have been very helpful for me in my battle. Especially the one that has the sneak ability. I hardly use the ones with snipe ability so, I cannot comment on that.


Furious Chicken is one of the important cards that were recently added to the game. This card is very popular because it doesn't cost any mana to be used. But it just occupies one extra space in the deck. My Furious chicken card was in level 2 and I had room to upgrade the card to level 3. After upgrading the card, I noticed that there is no big deal in upgrading the card beyond that. So, for now I'm not going to focus much on upgrading the card beyond level 3.


Gremlin blaster is a new card in the deck. I have not used this card yet in any of my battles. I wanted to use it in a few battles but then realized that the card was not adding any great significance to my deck unless I have the super sneak ability. But as a provision was available, I did upgrade the card to the next level.


Highland archer is one of the most unused cards that I have in my collections. I noticed that I also have a gold foil version of the same card and I have not been using it. This card is good for some specific rules but not always very great. There was an option available for upgrade and I have now upgraded the card to level 7.


Gelatinous cube is another card another new card in my deck. I have not used this card every since the launch of this card that happened recently. I don't think that I will even be using this in the future because I don't find it comfortable using a card that acts only as a tank in the deck.

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The gelatinous cube is definitely a great concept card, but I don't ever find it is very useful as just an HP tank. Same reason I don't think that the Peaceful Gian gets used very often.

It'll be interesting to see how they incorporate that skill in the future with other cards.

I have not been using any of these tank cards in my battles. Maybe it is good for certain battles. I have to try using in the future. Thanks for the comment.

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Hi, @bala41288, it's really cool being able to combine and maximize cards only with our rewards, I don't know if you know but Archer is now sold out, so in the future just buying in the market.

I have used the cube and liked it a lot, it is wonderful at higher levels when it acquires healing, I have won many battles thanks to him and in many cases he is superior to the Lord.

For the past few days I have also been trying to use the Cube a little. So far it looks good. Maybe it is helpful in some specific battles. Thabks for the comments and mention. 😀