Getting Familiar with Splinterlands

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It's been a couple of weeks since I got on Splinterlands, and in that period I have had a lot of support from my friends that are already way ahead of me on the ranks.

Thanks to support from @penderis, @mistakili, @clove71, and @vcdragon name a few, I have been able to make decent progress in the game so far. I've been kicking ass in ranked matches and have been learning from playing.

I've learnt that;

  • Each match has it's own special rules like "flying cards get extra damage" and other random scenarios generated for a battle.
  • Finishing Quests earns you rewards. Some quests are achievable and others, not always so easy. For example, my current quest requires I win 5 ranked battles with a Fire Splinter and my Fire guy isn't badass.
  • Different cards have a different range of attacks; Melee is for short-range, while Magic and Range fighters can attack cards farther away. I always put a very strong Melee card in front of others.

The point is that I'm learning while playing and the fact that I have a couple of strong cards has made life a lot easier for me. I'm was on 14 battles winning streak that just ended and I'm out for revenge. I am still open to pointers, tricks and

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I feel like you should be up higher. Try HARDER!

Just got to bronze level I. Spent 10 steem on a shitty summoner

Lool...coool...youre getting the splinterlands fever...its fun sending you cards if I know youll keep playing and going higher...

Thanks man. I love kicking ass. How do I upgrade my summoner? The fire guy is a piece of shit card that can't sustain an erection

Lool i felt so too at the beginning, i had to upgrade to like level 3. Its cost 1.29$ in the market, to get to level 3, you need to combine 5 of it.

You know you can always hit new quest and get another quest(just once tho)

Just did and they suggested water splinter, and he's also shit. fuck my life. I'll probably throw some Steem at upgrading my cards

When i first started, i hated life splinter so much and i cant do qithout them....just sent a couple morw cards

Dont forget to drop your post link in their discord channel