Last Call! Splinterlands Giveaway, Leave Your SL Name on My Video!

in #spt9 months ago

Leave your Splinterlands name on my video and have a chance to win a Legendary or Epic! Everyone gets a card no matter what :)


My Splinterlands name is Belemo. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed.

Awesome brosk make sure you commented on the video, thank you@!

My splnterlands name is @linco.

throw me down


Will definitely get ya on the next one make sure to stay tuned, and comment on my video brotha. Sent you a Wizard of Eastwood anyway, have a great one!

Hello my splinterlands name it's @robibasa .
Great idea!
Tanks for the chance!

This contest has ended sadly, stay tuned to my Hive blog and Youtube channel for next weeks giveaway! Everyone wins