One Pack.. Two Legendaries! - Yes, Potions Are Worth It

in #spt9 months ago


It is so strange, I pull fantastic cards whenever I forget to use my Quest potions. I was actually reeling because the biggest way to increase your card collection and overall deck value is by attaining Quest potions.. an extra 5 cards a day is massive for chances in pulling good cards.

When I realized I forgot to purchase mine for the day.. I kind of sunk into my chair, but in hitting 2000 DEC on my next win, I went all in with 5 legendary potions and pulled 2 legendaries! Two I've never gotten before!

Using legendary potions is highly effective.. I find it cheaper to purchase them with fiat over DEC as 20 cents for 5 potions can help me much more in the moment than spending the over 200 DEC it costs (for 5).

2000 DEC and 20 cents for 5 legendary potions turned into a pack worth nearly $15 bucks in total.. the DEC I could get back also nears 2500...

Wins like this are what keep us coming back!