Splinterland Swapsies - June 2019

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Hey Splinterlands Fans

How dope is this game getting with all the updates though? I'm loving it and splintertalk is pretty legit too. Holla at your boy, hopefully more gamers will get into it soon.

Anyhooz im stock piling cards and I thought before I head off to the market to try and sell or convert to DEC I wanted to see if anyone was up for a trade or two.

Les help one another out, im keen to level up a few monsters and add a few to my collection that i've so far been unable to get


Needing 2 cards to level up

  • Imp Bowman
  • Goblin Chef
  • Molten Ogre

Needing 1 card to level up

  • Brownie
  • Swamp thing
  • Enchanted Defender
  • Armorsmith
  • Prismatic Energy
  • Undead archer

Rares I'm keen on to add to my collection

  • Electric eels
  • Silvershield Bard
  • Enchanted Pixie

Cards I have to offer

In return you can pick one or multiples of the following cards or a mixture for example 2 pirate archers and a wood nymph. I'm also open to a mix of DEC and a card, it really doesn't matter as long as we both get what we want

  • Exploding Drawf
  • Flame IMp
  • Sea Genie
  • Sea mosnter
  • Pirate archer
  • Wood nymth
  • Mushroom seer
  • Silversheild archers
  • Vampire
  • Undead Minataur
  • Highland archer
  • RUsty Android
  • Creeping Ooze
  • Hobgolin

Make me an offer

If you have any of these cards and you're looking to trade, make me an offer in the comments :) Lets get trading. You can pick any card up fr grabs or any combination you feel would make a fair trade

Let's connect

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Exploding Drawf is that the evolved one of exploding dwarf? Steem monsters should go full pokemon.

It’s splinterlands now get it right before the soy boys come after you! That would actually be a an epic idea having evolutions or even monsters that can combine given certain criteria

I think you just have me an idea for my next post

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Like mentioning that daily quests are like a splintered broomstick in my ass sometimes. Pffft anyway it is like when they changed our towns name to Matlosana, we still call it Klerksdorp and if you don't then you just give away that you are a twat.

LOL that whole renaming thing was such a cock up as if we didn’t have better things to worry about they did that with a few roads here and we like wtf? This is dumb you fucking with my directions here

It’s all fine and well to rebrand but then you should get rid of old mentions but hey this is the decentralized web anything goes just like any public service in South Africa

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One imp bowman sent (from minishark)

What would you like me to send you in return?

Up to you.

I'm so out of this league it's not funny....I'll have to hook my teenage son up to this with his new steemit account.. Mmmm

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You totally should, the mobile app is coming soon too so it’s going to be easier to play and they now give users a deck so you don’t have to start with no cards and you can play and earn your way up the ranks

I spent like R200 to get started in the beginning and now my account is worth R3000!

The best part is you can cash out any time and there’s so many ways to earn but I’m having so much fun with it I won’t sell any time soon

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Wow... I'm impressed. My son has signed up but I have to help him start up. He'll do the gaming. Mom's just the blogger.. 😂 Vrek.. I still have to do. Like coin but geez I've been crazy busy catching up on all this stuff

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Now my son wants deets... I'll send you a dm on discord when he's ready if it's OK? Reply whenever because there's not rush and it won't be tonight.

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Sure you can sign up here and when you’re ready or he is drop me a message and I’ll take you thought it

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Thank you. And for the laughs but hierdie ou vrou gaan nou slaap. 😂 It's almost 23h30 here. Bedtime.

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!bookkeeping steemmonsters

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Hi @chekohler!



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Prismatic Energy sent
SO two cards to you from minishark.
You can send green cards to minimining (I prefer beta or rewards cards)

Awesome thank you so much, Ill send you the cards now

Cards have been sent all greens :)

Sorry. I forget to tell you that I only want Green Legendary in level 4. But it is okey with some golden dragons too. ;-)

If I had legendary greens I would send it to you lol my deck is pretty pathetic! I guess I will keep playing until I get one 😂

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I do not know what kind of cards you have but if you need some green level 3-4-5 I have some to lease (no cost) if you want some day to complete daily quest. I am not using them 24/7 . Time to work - BOOOOOORING

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