Gift and Reward on Splintersland Journey

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Lemon is a gift and the mouse is reward for taking care of him

Hellow Steemit Fellows😉

I spent my energy on playing splintersland for 3 days and make a record on losing streaks😂 it's not an easy game to play but still a lot of fun to enjoy.


the last rewards I got few hours ago

With a lot of help from my guild-mates, I didn't have to waste all my time just to complete the quest. I was thinking that we won't meet our guild-mates on the battlefield 😁 I was so naive. So, time to take advantage in my perspective. We're about to help our guild to complete tge guild lodge too.

I met @thekeenqueen 4 times and I won 3 of 4😆 as if I was fooling somebody with it. My L3 lyana will easily get killed by L4 goldy deck on her, but since we have different quest, helping each other out while we're not on ranked up to the top player, won't be a big probs, right?

I consider her as Gift😁


This is Rewards from yesterday with her helps too😂

Playing splintersland with fun is a gift and some cards at the end of the day just a reward for having fun. Whatever it is, I love them both😍.

the most hard rewards to get 2 days ago😂

Having been in @teampossible guild for 10 months now, I realised that I got so many gifts. Wonderful battle days, supportive team-guild-mates, free delegated decks, the most effective and equal rule to follow and many more.
I got a lot of rewards too, cards, DEC, loyal fellows, upvote on posts, booster packs as my captain tax aka Pajak Reman and many more😂

I gave Lemon the cat some reward too, his favourite weed

Well.. I never use potion to open my rewards of daily quests😊 not because I couldn't afford it. I just love any cards I get. I maxed out my sea genie finally and just few dozens more to maxed my goblin mech, wood nymph and creeping ooze😊 but it can wait. All I have to do is keep playing and have fun.

By the way, do you know that you can buy cards with your DEC through SM Market now? Have you try it? I think I'll need to try it too one day later. I don't really know what I need for my deck because I'm grateful for what I have now.

I got some delegated cards for fire,water and life splinters. Those 3 splinters are on L4 now. I learned that skipping the life just to face the death is not a nice thing to do. I was suffering long losing-streaks because of that😂😂😂

what will you do if you face a long losing-streaks because your deck is not better than your opponents?

I will leave it for a while and play any starter decks around, just to ease my mind and get back to the battlefield and try to win the 5 battles.

Sometimes I wonder how can I enjoy playing the starter decks which some said it's just wasting your time and the reward is not worth it? I don't have the exact answer for that.

I love playing steemmonsters aka splintersland, no matter what type of deck it is. Playing starter deck is my favourite🐍

Those double-combined rulesets on Gold League really fantastic😀 it just made me missing the standart ruleset so much. That standart ruleset only exists on novice to bronze 2. Standart ruleset is a proof of how you enjoy the game, IMO. So you will know how cool is the fire and death splinter without reward and promo cards😊

Gotta have some sleep now😉 Have fun on Battling and Rumbling👍👌💖👐


You call that a mouse!!! That's a rat. it's almost as big as Lemon. He deserves lots of goodies for keeping those things away.

I think you're wearing on me too. I get the whole concept of 'card' games. It's always the getting started that is a pain in the butt. I think between you and @simplymike I might actually learn something

@cicisaja, @tryskele is right. IIIIIEEEEKKK! It's a rat!!!

And YeY! Are you gonna join for real, @tryskele?? :0)

Yes for real LOL. Just let me know what I need to do :D

For starters, you can join the TP Discord channel :0)

Ooppss.. Im sorry @tryskele.. we only have one word for all rats,mouse, mice, mickey.. whatever it is😊 TIKUS. I learnt from the book, Tikus is Mouse 😁😁 just kidding😅 yeahh.. he did catch baby rats almost everyday (but it think it's Menlu who did it and Lemon just play with it) when they both work together... bigger rat will dies.

About the game 😊 @simplymike and I have the opposite habit in playing the game😂 she's a badass pro player and I never think too much about it, i just play and play and play... it's a bonus if I still posting something which not about the monsters 😂😂😂

Let me know if you really want to join our guild for fun

See I didn't know that. I just learned something. It's rodent LOL we'll just keep it at that.
I have had both as pets LOL. The one in your picture though .... ewwy

But yes I will join your guild :D

Oh my god... you have them as pet? The mouse one? I think Lemon and Menlu will take care of them if I have any😂😂

I'll be happy to have you in my guild😍 we're going to have fun!

As a kid. They're fun and so active. The cat always had to try to 'play'.

I have no idea how to play, but, I would love to learn!!!


Thank you @dswigle 😍
But Denise... I hope you won't try to play the game... I'm not ready to see another funky granny being a steemmonsters player and your beautiful flowers and market review changing to monsters's market 😊

But.. if you really want to try the game, you can play it without investing any money to purchase the card first. Join us.. we have free delegated deck for a beginners😍

I don't think there is a chance of that @cicisaja. @dswigle has to have her flowers 😁

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