I play because I'm missing my fellow

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5 battles to complete dqs with green team 😨 that's a surprise!

Whenever I saw Lyana's call shows up as my daily quest, I used to change the dq if I know what's splinter will be in exchange. If it's Raising the Death, then I'll answer lyana's call😂 even if it will take days to complete.

I saw a reminder on TP discord channel as usual about tourneys check in time while I was reading the comics. That reminder means a sign to complete the dq as soon as you could with your average ability and average deck like mine😀.


this is something rare happened in my deck 😊 but Im lucky because my silver deck has decent cards.

I think the rulesets with always active earth splinters also a great factor on completing the 5 quests in few minutes and winningstreaks. Well... I must said that this is shocking me! coz I always try to avoid playing with the green team on gold league 😂.

Anyway... whatever the splinters are, I keep playing it though😂 I like to see what my opponent's strategy no matter how often I met them on the battlefield and most of that accounts playing like bots (im playing like bots on silver league😂).


having these cards which equal to 210 dec was not bad at all

I need to make my beetle queen able to be a tank healer on lvl 5 and use Daria to summons her instead of Malric. I don't need more pirates, sea monsters, javeline thrower, crystal werewolf and Goblin Mech to combine (they are all maxed) but I'll keep them as collection 😊 and I don't think I need to play more battle after completing the dq either, DEC I got with the regular beta monsters lower than the total cards I claimed😂.

A friend asked me a funny question after playing steemmonsters for a week. "Is that important to remember the name and ability of the monsters on your line up?"

Hmmm... I dunno about you, but I do remember all the monster's cards I have in my deck, it's level, stats and ability, even the order of its position in general and particular splinters😊. The new appearance while arrange the monsters to battle, made me remember the rulesets information just by looking at the symbol.

I hate those earthquake and healing out rulesets when I have water quest😂 and I love the super sneak and melee mayhem when I need to stirr the volcano with Malric and elemental phoenix

Somehow... while you met same players almost everyday in your league, you will learn to use different strategy and even play the mirror team with a 100% winning chance if you have a single monster with 1 level higher than the opponent😁. Guys, you need to learn the pattern of your opponent winning team, that's how my opponent defeated me😆 I like my conventional style with less and less neutral cards involve.

having a lord arianthus in your deck is a must, now!

Aahhh.. don't worry about the Ruler Of The Seas on bronze league 😉 all you need to know what is the rulesets and how you anticipate the blast with your lvl 1 prismatic and rusty android😯 sorry.. low mana? You need to try other strategy or just click surrender ... which I seldom click on it except when the internet connection tried to kill my pleasure!

Cici, The Lord is too pricey!

Thrn you should learnt about using other magic reflector monsters and don't forget to use your 0 mana chicken, yeaahhh.. it is useful to waste a big blow😊.


Why are you 'missing your fellow', @cicisaja?

He's not around for sometimes... the one who taught me how to play with the green team, somehow... I forgot to mention about him once I started writing about the monsters😂😂😂


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I can't really relate to that now but, give me a moment while I refresh my mind. hahahaha

I will invite you to join the discord tp team then 😂

what's that hahahahaa

Cici, I did not understand any of this but, I know you're enjoying it!

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