Auction in @splinterlands?!

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I just caught myself thinking that I really want to put some cards on the Auktion. Maybe someone knows how to do this?Только-что поймал себя на мысли, что мне очень хочется выставить некоторые карты на аукцион. Может кто-то знает как это сделать?
I think many card dealers would be in the seventh heaven, if it were possible, not only to put up cards for sale or rent, but also to put up for auction. If there will also be a function of choosing the duration of the auction - this will be dream.Думаю, многие торговци картами были бы на седьмом небе, если бы появилась возможно, не только выставлять карты на продажу или аренду, а и выставить на аукцион. Если еще будет и функция выбора длительности аукциона - это будет придел любых мечтаний.
I am sure that the implementation of such an opportunity will be able to attract a significant number of new, not only players, but also real traders to the game. By the way, there will be more traders in the world of cryptocurrency than gamers.Уверен, что реализация такой возможности сможет привлечь к игре значительное количество новых, не только игроков, но и настоящих тредеров. Кстати, трейдеров в мире криптовалюты будет побольше чем геймеров.
Dreamed and that's enough. Perhaps someday these dreams will come true, and maybe not. Write in the comments, do you want the "put up for auction" feature to appear?Помечтали и хватит. Возможно, когда-то эти мечты воплотятся в жизнь, а возможно и нет. Напишите в комментариях, Вы хотите что-бы появилась функция "выставить на аукцион"?


I am always ready to sell any of my cards directly, bypassing the market, at a discount of 5%. Just email me.Я всегда готов продать любые мои карты напрямую, в обход рынка, со скидкой - 5%. Просто напишите мне.
To contact meДля связи со мной
discord - cranium#9430Дискорд - cranium#9430
telegram - @Cranium3Телеграм - @Cranium3

Appreciate life. Good luck to you.

Цените жизнь. Удачи Вам и добра.


@steembay provides that service.

Many use to auction cards that way.

I looked at the last few articles, not a single lot displayed. 21 days there is no activity at all.

Yeah, it hasn't been used in awhile but the option is there.

Since quest rewards and DEC price dropping the value of cards will likely be stagnant if not going higher. Hard to invest into higher level cards when returns are lower. Best of luck of finding a way to trade out of the game.

This is the first time that I have received loot chests instead of cards for season end rewards. I received 3 Alchemy potion charges, 33 Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) and 1 Legendary Potion charge from the loot chests. I guess I stop playing Steem Monsters/Splinterlands. Probably many other players will do the same. Good luck for the remaining players.

Wise words. Thanks for the wish.


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