13th July - Tournament Score + Quest Rewards

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Hey There Steemians,

today I wanted to test posting my content on five different front-ends connected through the steem blockchain, with just one post. That means that with just one post there is a possibility to earn: SBD, SP, SPT, BATTLE, GG and PAL. Depending on your content there can be a lot of different combination and synergies between your topics and possibilites to earn tokens besides the usual compensation.

Tournament Placements July 12th + 13th

In regards to tourney play these last two days, I haven't really had the time to participate much.
But I have scored two little prices:

One was in the Silver Knight Tourney yesterday, where I scored a top8 placement to receive 3 STEEM.

And the other one was in the @battlegames Tournament today. I noticed that the prices had declined compared to previous tournaments, but the price has also increased since the airdrop so that could be one reason. The payout structure also now suits newcomers even more, because 64 players get a share of the pot. Scoring in the top8, I received 25 Battle.

Quest Rewards

As expected with the value of the previous quest rewards (and also using the potion for 1 week),
our results are quite low. Here is a little teaser for next weeks' SSS post comparing the two performances:


I have been close to finally reaching Diamond 3 for the first time, but I couldn't do it before receiving this reward without any potions:


Before I let you go, please hear me out for one more thing or two ;)

These last days I have finally fully grasped the potential of these steem tokens and their synergy with existing niches and content "tribes" on this platform. As I have been involved with gaming my whole life and it is a deep passion of mine to write, stylize and basically be a positive and productive member of a community, I have decided that I will concentrate on curating other people's quality content and create my own to fund this endeavour.

I have started to manually curate content already with my staked BATTLE and GG,
some more things like a battle and steemace- tube curation series are in planning, where content creators receive upvotes and other rewards.

I'll catch you all in the next episode ;)


I would recommend to always use a tribes tag when posting relevant topics to the tag as it adds an extra earning possibility.

#spt #battle #palnet #steemace

Hey, sorry I am still quite new to this :D
Could you explain what you mean by tribes tag?
It sounds like I might have to use a "#" before the tags when publishing?

#spt #battle #steemace #palnet

All the new sites that are popping up have been named tribes. You only need to put # before the name of the tribe on comments.

#spt #battle #palnet

Got you know!
And yes I would agree with your statement :)

#spt #battle #steemace #palnet

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