The "Gold Guild Mid Season Classic" Splinterlands JackPot Tournament Proposal

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There is a lag in my opinion in gold card values that could be easily combated by the central authorities @splinterlands that could easily boost the overall value and utility of gold cards on a more regular basis and make their leveling and acquisition a must for all players associated with any guild.

By having a tournament, of which the top player not included in the singles tournament, (explained here-fyi) but including the second highest ranked player not included again in the above mentioned concept, or even a "guild centralized account" for entry into a gold games tournament the likes of which the game has yet to see, and could be held twice about every 5 weeks.

It would simply go like this, as mentioned in the previously linked article we have a 64 player tournament with the highest ranked player from each guild competing for the prize of the individual winner championship. We would also have a tournament for the guilds, in a gold-only guild championship.

The theory behind this are several fold in many ways that can boost value, and desire to acquire and retain gold cards, in the least bit within your own guild. Because if you choose to 'cut the cards loose' within the marketplace, that is fine... But then other guilds have their shot at purchasing them, hoarding them, or doing whatever they would choose in attempting the best "gamesmanship" move that benefits their guild and/or guild members. I will use me and my guild as an example.

Let's say hypothetically I come across a gold foil, beta, Goblin Shaman. Well, I already know that someone in my guild has that card maxed out, so it would create some options for me. I could burn it trading it in for DEC and thus eliminating the possibility of another guild or any other player obtaining the card to level up to play against me ever again. Or, I could take the hard-line market approach, in knowing that my guild has this card maxed out I could list the card on the market for whatever I would want to gauge--I mean tariff any other player or any other guild that would want to level this card up in the future whether it be for sale on @peakmonsters for... neither selling or burning but to lease to an interested guild.

This creates scarcity in the overall sense of population of the card due to the people that would maybe go on to burn the card but also creates a lack of market liquidity in getting this card cheaply on the market. In the hypothetical sense of me not necessarily needing to hold this card knowing that my fellow guild member has it so that our guild would already have their max benefit (more on that to follow-stay tuned) accomplished I would want someone else from another guild to pay me more of a ransom than a simple market swap as we have done up to this point. So if I pull this card from a booster pack it takes on a whole different meaning going forward concerning all gold foil cards. Hoarding and gamesmanship are added to the equation, let alone the overall scarcity of 50X (the initial rarity without potions) for gold foil cards would be much more of a boon to the player to pull these cards from booster packs as none of these factors are considered or priced in with gold foil monster cards.

But perhaps even sweetest in upside of this concept is the configuration of payouts and the rewards to be had is the distribution model and how it changes the central distribution concept. No more gold tournaments on the central sites. They are held twice per season as mid season and post season holiday tournaments and that is it. Also, 1/3 of the rewards of the mid/post season tournaments would be split as the gold tournaments would receive double DEC rewards versus the single player regular deck tournament that is platform wide during the season. Also, with the gold distributions stopping in the tournament event section the game's creators have options of what to do with the saved steem or other rewards that are being divided week to week with several different tournaments. The rewards could be passed on to this tournament, steem could be powered up by the bot, or kept by the game development team as asset to be used down the road-obviously whatever the game team sees fit.

This creates mega interest in guilds and literally spreads the wealth in gold cards and very likely springs up guilds from all over the place making "a gold (hoard) standard" as the value behind each guild and the upside from earning the bountiful rewards from this concept.

More guilds=more DEC burning=DEC scarcity=higher DEC value=more cards burned/combined=higher card value=higher DEC scarcity/value=higher floor value for cards, and so on I think you get the point.

With two-thirds of a million DEC going out twice every 19 days to be split among the participants based on relative performance the upside here to own these cards goes up dramatically, along with the regular cards as well of course, but especially gold cards that to this point have been relegated to value in DEC rewards in season play and only value in the centralized gold tournaments, which isn't bad of course the cards have performed well and become more and more scarce as it is. But pulling a fairly rare gold foil card (especially extremely rare gold cards)from a booster pack would take on a whole different meaning moving forward when something like this concept is adopted by the @splinterlands team. I am guessing booster packs of whatever is available would sell at an even more frenzied pace at which they selling now, which is continually picking up speed even without something like this in place.

Use the example of a total prize pool of 667,000 DEC for the participants (one entrant per guild) in a gold only contest, having pre-arranged payouts for each participant per round, here would be a hypothetical breakdown of 100 total guilds in the game...

Play in rounds (seed rankings 128-64) play one another until the field is broken down to 2, then the winner of the entire play in tournament plays the top seed in the tournament of the top 64.
Play in round 1... 32 total matches
Play in round 2...16 total matches
Play in round 3... 8 total matches
Play in round 4... 4 total matches
Play in round 5... 2 total matches
Play in round 6... 1 match
= 63 total matches, each match paying X DEC per participant 63X2=126,000 DEC= 1,000 DEC payout per guild participating in each round plus a bonus 1,000 DEC payout to champion of the play in bracket.=127,000

Leaving 500k for the SUPER 64:
Round 1... 32 matches X 2= 64 participants= 80k/64=1,250 DEC per participant
Round 2... 16= 2,500 DEC per participant
Round 3...8 = 5,000 DEC per participant
Round 4...4= 10,000 DEC per participant + 12,500 DEC bonus per participant
Round 5...2= 20,000 DEC per participant
Championship Winner Payout= 40,000 DEC bonus for winner
Total DEC Payout for Tournament ..............=667,000

The winner of the tournament in DEC alone would 91,250 (assuming they did not come out of the play in round, then it would be 98,250)

Please let me know your comments and discussion on this I am always happy to discuss these ideas, and thanks very much for the read!


It's awesome you're thinking outside the square, there is endless possibilities!

I am glad to see you guys checked out the post and read it. A lot of what I am talking about a concept to some level similarity is already in the works or being discussed I would feel fairly comfortable in saying. The main purpose of a lot these posts is for people to see the potential and the upside in the game, along with how fast everything is progressing. This time last year I was flipping alpha commons, rares and summoners that I believe did not even have stats yet, and now look at where we are...pretty amazing really. You guys have done a lot to drum and keep interest in the game obviously, in there I was thinking there should be something like a "CK-SP-TP Bronze Newbie Tournament" for brand new players in their inaugural season, or something like that (CK=Contest Kings encapsulating most of your crew over there, SP=steam-peak, and TP of course including my group of fellow rabid friends at teamposssible-which is some pretty impressive company for our guild to be mentioned even in a hypothetical situation like that). If you all keep doing what you are doing and everyone laughs off this most recent crypto bubble taking place right now we could be in a position at this time next year none of can imagine at this point. I never would've guessed that the game would have this well of footing already, even with everything forecasted at the time. This stuff of course has bugs, hiccups in between and we have been really fortunate so far. The rest of the crypto universe has no idea what is going on here at "The steem-based economy," and when they do I will enjoy the price of steem and all of the things that have well reflected it in the past year or two. Thanks again for the read, best of luck with everything you are doing and keep banging the drum marching forward.

Thanks for your kind words!

Kudo's for coming up with some pretty creative ideas to add value to the gold cards! My only concern is that if Splinterlands continues to cater to those with the biggest wallets they are essentially creating a larger and larger barrier for entry. On the other hand there's no reason why this concept couldn't be pulled off by a group not in the splinterlands camp! There are tons of possibilities with this game, it's a beautiful thing.

Thanks very much @battlegames. Thanks for reading, and if you have anything to add I would love to hear it btw. Yes, the actual ownership of the initial run of cards can become a barrier if the expense gets too far out there, no denying that. The initial run and cards purchased I think are more of a tribute to the early adopters, and yes they are likely to carry a higher value than others. They also have that fine line in that having an "explosive growth story" in card values, and catering to the masses likewise. For the fitting of the market size they currently have which is pretty much limited to the steem based crowd, plus a few other outlets including the tron crowd that entered (which was a booming success in my opinion) they do definitely have to watch the balance. Luckily they are getting close to the final stretch of their booster pack pay load, which eventually will entail a new set to be made, and I think that will be very affordable to acquire cards in, will include higher quantities, and even more perks that people are awarded in buying the packs (just a hunch I have no inside info on that-just basing it off of what I have heard and seen in comments in the past weeks and months). There are actually places that are literally "giving delegations" to people to play since some people have purchased more cards than they can play at any given time. Meaning there are at least three groups right now that are letting people play the cards in exchange for a portion of the DEC/reward cards that result from their playing. So for people that have the time to play and the ability to learn the game, the upside for someone with those qualifications is endless in possibilities. The places I am thinking of is first, the guild I belong to, Teampossible, then there's Contest Kings, Steem-peak has something very similar I believe, and there is a new service called Heron's Unlimited that has some mega investors in the game having their cards delegated through their service, much like a minnowbooster type of program from steemit. Those are the most prevalent that I have seen, and that is just the start. I appreciate your insight and your reading this post, thanks again and keep your great work on the "Steem based economy." FYI-full disclosure, just about 3/4 of my entire collection value is in gold cards so I do have a bias, but I have accumulated them heavily for the kind of reasons I mentioned in the post that can be done in the coming months.

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This is impressive I am all of the sudden drawing all of the splinterlands stars to read this post. I am very glad to see you read it @karenmckersie, keep battling and the best of luck finishing the season, thanks again "Queen of the Cartoon Meme."

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