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Hey everyone,

It's been a long time since I've posted anything here. For anyone who has been following this blog since earlier, thank you for sticking around! To those of you new here, welcome! Let me know how you've all been doing and what new projects you're involved in. Also, if you scroll to the bottom of this post there are some links where you can connect with me elsewhere.

Although I haven't been very active on my Hive blog I have continued to participate in blockchain gaming and have gotten more involved in the NFT space as well. Still just exploring and trying to figure out what works best for me and I'm going to continue sharing what I've learned with all of you in the hopes that you can also benefit in some way.

~ Jeremy "Crypto-Spore" Crow

Standard disclaimer: Please don't take any of what I say here or elsewhere as financial advice. Think of my content more like your eccentric buddy's opinions. Some of the links here may contain a referral code. In those cases I will usually receive some sort of benefit, at no cost to you, if you use these links to sign up to any game or service. This is an easy way to say thanks and support my blog if you find the information I've shared valuable.


What I'm Currently Playing

Probably the most relevant update I can give in a quick format is to tell you what blockchain games I've been playing these days.

  • Splinterlands: This is the blockchain game that I've been playing the longest. They really have a good thing going with that game. It's a Collectable Trading Card Game running on the Hive blockchain with lots of interoperability with other blockchains. Each of the cards is a Non-Fungible Token or NFT. There is a lot more to the game than can be summarized in a paragraph. I have done several previous articles on this game that you can go back and read and I will continue putting out more Splinterlands related content. Ready to play Splinterlands? Sign up Here:

  • Alien Worlds: This is a newer game that is also a Collectable Trading Card Game. This one runs mainly on the WAX blockchain and has some functionality on the Ethereum blockchain. At the moment it consists mainly of using a combination of Tool cards to mine on the Land cards. They are currently in development of a fighting game as well, which should be released soon. You can start playing Alien Worlds for free here:

  • r-Planet: I almost think of this as an extension to Alien Worlds. It's also mainly running on the WAX blockchain and the initial stages of the game include staking unused NFTs from certain collections, including Alien Worlds, and earning an hourly reward in the form of their in-game currency. This currency can then be used in their Alchemy style game where elements are crafted and combined to try and discover higher order elements. You can play for free at:

  • Neon District: This is a game running on the Matic blockchain which is related to Ethereum. This has a interesting aesthetic that I enjoy, being a CyberPunk themed game. You recruit a team and send them on delivery missions and battles. You earn Neon currency and upgrade your characters with Juice and their equipment with Parts. If you'd like to try it out, visit the site here:

These are the games that I'm currently focused on. My upcoming posts will be guides and updates on these games as well as other blockchain related topics such as DeFi platforms and I might get into some trading updates as well. If that sounds good, I hope you'll follow my blog here on Hive and connect with me on my other social media platforms!


Connect with Crypto-Spore

If you're interested in connecting with me elsewhere:

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Welcome back

Thanks! Glad to be back.

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