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A lot of people missed out in the beginnings of Steemit and I know how it feels, I am one of those people. In fact, I just got into crypto a little over a year ago. Up until recently, I had been feeling like I was late to the game and didn't imagine I would ever be able to achieve "Whale Status" on any major platforms.

This all changed with the inception of Splintertalk! Since SPT is so inexpensive on the market, even I can afford to buy some up and stake it! Luckily, being a Splinterlands Team Member has landed me a fat chunk of SPT to start off with so I won't have to climb my way up from the bottom! Thanks @aggroed! You rock!

Did you know, you will soon be able to turn any account with Steem Engine tokens staked into an upvote bot? Read more about it in @aggroed's post

If you haven't already noticed, there's a new filter on Steem Bot Tracker

When you select the Steem-Engine Tokens filter you will see the new bots available that you can get SBD/SP upvotes from. For example, if you send PAL to @minnowsupport with your link in the memo, you will get upvoted for SBD/SP.

On another note, I've been talking to @yabapmatt about having my personal @crystalhuman account automated and he is working on some modifications so that the bot will be able to differentiate between SP and SPT power.

As for right now the voting bot currently uses the SP in the account to value the vote, so sending SPT for an SPT upvote wouldn't exactly work since the vote value calculations are based differently.

It will take a little time to get worked out but I know how hard Yaba works and he seems to have a way to make things happen, much faster than expected. crossing my fingers Would love to have this running within the next week or two but I guess we'll just have to wait and find out.

Once that happens, anyone who is making posts with the #spt tag will be able to send their SPT to my account with a link to their URL in the memo and get upvoted!

Currently, my account has an upvote value of roughly 430 SPT, which is about $1.20 USD! Keep in mind, this is SPT at a very low price! Once SPT goes up in value (and I believe that it will) this vote will be worth a lot more!

Needless to say, I am pretty happy about having all this SPT power!

What's even better is knowing how hard @aggroed and @yabapmatt are working to make my stake on this platform worth even more! Along with the rest of the Splinterlands Team of course!

There are so many exciting things coming up for Splinterlands, and Splintertalk. Did you know? Steem-Engine has partnered up with DTube and will be bringing you ScotTube! (AKA Splintertube) while on Splintertalk.

As @aggroed shows in one of his latest posts you can see that he was able to not only earn SBD from his video, he got DTC and PAL too! All for one post! too bad he didn't use the #spt tag ;) he would have earned EVEN MORE!

read more about Dtube and their latest updates

This is crazy! Thanks to Steem-Engine, and all the badass wizards on the SE Team, earning cold hard crypto for your efforts has NEVER been better! And it'll probably just get better from here!

My last post normally would have only been rewarded in Steem power and SBD, but thanks to ScotBot, and Steem-Engine I am earning PAL and SPT too! TAKE THAT, DAY JOB!

I'm earning more than ever making posts, there are more new and interesting topics to make posts about now than there were before, and I have more stake than I thought I would ever have! Life is good on STEEM!

Come and join the fun, get yourself some SPT and stake it! Start earning more from your posts by using the #palnet and #spt tags!

If you haven't already, get over to Splinterlands.io and start playing today!

Make sure to follow me for future updates/information regarding Splinterlands and other topics of interest!


😢 We didn't get any spt. All are for mavericks 😭😭

It's not a whole lot, but there's some for ya :P

I think it is really sad that it seems as if the SPT just is another option of vote selling for you. A Splintertalks Forum where good posts for and about the game are rewarded would be cool. But if even the @steemmonster members are already thinking about voteselling with their premined stake, I can guess where things are going....

I don't know what gives you the idea that SPT is just another option for vote selling for me.. First of all, it's my only option for vote selling. Secondly, there is a blacklist in place that the bot will be using to prevent spam and reward pool abuse.

Also, I WILL be using the platform for more than just vote selling. I tend to be a pretty active member of this community when I'm not in the middle of transitioning from one country to another. I will be making posts that include updates about Splinterlands, Splintertalk, and my personal life. I will also be commenting and engaging regularly as I do now, the only thing that will change is that I will no longer be using my personal account to give personal upvotes.

I will be staking the SPT gained through the vote selling into another account which I will then use to reward posts of my choosing, along with that comes the ability to buy more prizes for giveaways/contests/tournaments.

I'm not sure if you are aware or not but I do plenty for the community and this includes giving out STEEM/SBD, Splinterlands cards, delegations and much more.

You can feel free to ask around just how many people have won prizes that I have given them out of my own pocket, with no incentive other than to try to gain followers and get some engagement happening.

How about doing some moderating on splintertalks? Lots of spam posts coming in everyday and it seems like I’m the only one downvoting those with my own spt stake.

Sure thing, when I have more time to sit and go through posts. I haven't been in the right mind-space to do much reading lately, there is a lot of things going on in my life and I have been trying to focus more on the good than the bad.

My stake has primarily been sitting there doing nothing, except for when I get the time to come around and read some stuff.

We are actually moving right now and there is a lot of things to do before it can happen, unfortunately, that cuts deep into my blogging time.

Great! Good luck on your moving.

Thanks! We need it! lol

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I'm always glad to see you trying to grow somehow, always in order and because of engaging as an active member of this community, plus the fact that a lot of work has also been made as a core team, allowing more people to join and have fun, while we all have te opportunity to do the same: grow! Cheers dude, hope everything keeps going well and better as days go by!

Thanks bro!

Its nice having my vote actually worth something. I don't have as much as you staked but I got a nice chunk at 140,000 (which is an upvote value of about 50 - 60 cents).

To put that in perspective ..... I been on the Steem platform for about 1.5 years and my Steem upvote is worth 0.02 cents.

I know what you mean lol

Stoked for the future of SPT that's for sure!

Wow that's amazing that you have so much spt staked.

I am also slowly earning and staking up my spt, but so far I only have 2k

Thank @crystalhuman very much. You nice describe to earn pal & spt. excellent.

Hi, @crystalhuman!

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