Team Possible Guild Rules And Next Steps!

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Team Possible guild is getting launched, some things you need to know.

First, we are the oldest and most contiguous group that has been together since the beginning. We have added some great people over the many months that we have been organized. So thank you all for your participation, and I'm very happy we were able to distribute the tokens that represented the gains from our collective efforts!


We Are A Collective Group And Work Together

Now that guilds have come out, there are many models of action out there. Many groups are recruiting people to play in their guild for free or minimal cost. We WILL NOT be following that path. We are not going to buy our way to a championship even if that means we won't win. We will not give people something for nothing (which usually doesn't end well in life).

What we will do is offer people a chance to work with great people to enhance their participation and rewards. We have many good players and I expect over time we will get many more. Sure in the beginning we will lose members to others that are giving away free memberships, but over time I think we will come out ahead (and have fun in the process).

People are free to leave our guild to join others, there will be no hard feelings. But Team Possible will always consist of people that work together to make each of us stronger. We are never going to be about what we can do for a single person, but rather what we can do for each other.

If you want to leave, just let us know and we will take you out of our server and off the programs we have in place with you!


Explanation Of How Our Guilds Will Work

We have figured out a way to explain the guilds to @everyone that want to join a particular one of our guilds. In order to pick the right guild, you will need to be making a "commitment" too. (right now money, but later time too) There is no way Team Possible can pay for even one guild to fully level up 2.1 million DEC, much less 2 or more...(so other than the original organization fee, it will have to come from our members).

We are going to ask for a weekly commitment for each person that joins each level of group based on 1 years worth of DEC needed per week to reach maximum. So for instance, it is roughly 70k DEC needed for a fully maxed guild level, so that is about 1500 DEC per week per person (based on 30 total people)... Note: if we have less then it would be slightly higher and take a little longer but it is a good starting point.

So in our main guild Team Possible then everyone would be expected to either pay upfront or at least 1500 DEC a week so that we attain the maximum level possible.

For our sub-guilds, we will have much lower costs like 10 DEC a week, 100 DEC a week, etc... Basically the captain of a guild will decide which level they would want to be and then manage the process of setting a total contribution level.

I also think we will set up a FREE sub-guild that would be only for social purposes if there is demand for that. Some might not think the spending of DEC is necessary at this time. Therefore, they might want to be on a team where they just play with friends, but not care about the monetary benefits right now (but later jump up to another team if they can).

This process is an important part of making sure that people are working together and the goals are aligned so there is as little confusion as possible. While we would be happy to accommodate everyone, it simply isn't possible to do at our size. We are not advertising anything or getting any benefit other than helping to bring people together. As such, this is a fair program based on our values that we share.


One more point, once we see how many people want to join the main guild and how many want to participate in sub-guilds, then we can determine a way to use some of the guild's assets to bridge the gap from the start to where we will be when fully funded. While we might not be able to go from level 1 to level 10 using only guild assets, we can at least "loan" short term some of the assets to get us started and then have people pay us back. ps... that would also apply as well to the smaller sub-groups if needed too.


If you would like to join Team Possible, please contact us on Discord at this link:


Team Possible Guilds Set Up So Far

Team Possible This is the main group with OUR best players that is currently ranked 5th in the rankings. This group is 1500 DEC a week per player to build out and is intended to be for the highest level of players to get the benefits.

Team Possible Diamond This is the 2nd competitive group that is intended to have our Gold and Diamond players in it. This group is 500 DEC a week per player to build out and is intended to be for very good players to get benefits, but not as high as the top group.

Team Possible Troops This is the fun group that is organized as a way for people of Silver and Gold to work together. This group is 100 DEC a week per player to build out and is intended to be for anyone that just wants to have fun and work casually to help each other grow.



I really have a metric crap-tonne of reading to do to catch up on the whole Guild thing and how it all works. Life outside the Splinterlands has been crazy busy of late.

you can message me directly @sparkesy43 and I will be happy to answer any questions you have... its only Day 1 so you aren't as far behind as you think ;)

Nice organization. Cool work Dave. Good luck.

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thanks @dkid14... and I hope you all do well too :) ... we are the old guys around here these day ;)

@bengy and @rentmoney, I've been meaning to invite you guys for a while, but never got to it. Feel free to join :0)

Thanks! I will try to join!

Thanks for the invite, its appreciated but I have opted to not join any guild for the time being.

Excellent very well laid out here @davemccoy!

Haha you know there are literally only 3 people that do the thing you say "Many groups" do. Two are businesses (Heron/Peak) and the other is running it like a business (MOON)

Anyway just thought that was funny... I can appreciate Hyperbole... I use it Every Single Day! (see what i did there?)

"We will not give people something for nothing"

  • a service by a business to the paying clients ... Real Money all of a sudden = Nothing? ;)

But as a business I can't have hard feelings, entitlements, and drama inside our guild. I have to work hard to make sure people understand the exact expectations of the guild which can't operate like a pay dues system so i litterally have to tell them they should NOT contribute DEC because i forsee that it will only lead to problems if they do.

Anyway your system is solid but certainly not unique since almost all guilds do it exactly the way you guys are doing it... you just articulated it best.

Mostly i'm just giving you a hard time because I love ya...

Also best of luck you guys are a tight knit group. You have something very special!

I wasn't throwing a jab your way or Herons either. I support both of you big time. I actively send people to @peakmonsters and think what you did for the guilds is awesome and happy you did it. And on Heron's I have suggested many play their decks, and don't have any issue with those decks being in their own league. I think you missed where my jab as being thrown, but it DEFINITELY WAS NOT directed at either of you.

For the record, I love it if businesses come in and sponser players and do exactly what you did! Keep it up and good luck to you for sure, in fact I hope your guys win (if we can't!)

Awesome. Yeah we'll work on it. I think you guys have a really great opportunity to establish a system where there is mobility between your various guilds. That would be cool. I mean that's what we do but i assume others will catch on.

Great... and thanks! And on the mobility I agree, and while we were going to do it all along, you actually beat us to it! Good job again @jarvie, nothing but kudos for what you are doing and the way you are doing it!

Actually i take that back... herons shouldn't be considered in that group because they actually require dues... and Moon is pretty unique because those are his own employees playing with him. So literally there's only one group who is sponsoring players. Which is not a unique idea as well ;)

Anyway this was great for thinking out loud and prepping our post about our guilds theory... so i guess thanks for letting me ramble. You guys really are awesome love what you're doing with the multiple guilds thing as well.

Finally the moment come

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All done @minhaz007, and glad you stayed patient ;)

Pretty cool, like the simple philosophy here, good luck guys!

thank you @battlegames! And I wish you lots of luck on your project too! Many people are talking about it, that's good ;)

Hello, I have sent the request to join the guild, the conditions seem good to me, I hope to be accepted. My splinterlands user is @criptoanarquista.

Hello there @ydavgonzalez .. I run another guild of TP.. I've sent you the invitation to the guild

Hey @ydavgonzalez... thank you for the message and for accepting the rules! We have several size guilds we are setting up so that people can play with the level that they are in... (and costs are fairer to be in your proper level guild)... so @cicisaja sent you a message to join the Team Possible Troops, that is a silver and gold level team and filled with many good players that like to have fun too! And Cici is the best leader in our guild so I'm sure you will enjoy it!

Thank you for helping me out to build the Sub-guild @davemccoy .. I'll do exactly the same as Main TP did.. with a little improvisation to keep everyone Having Fun on the game.

This is a perfect breakfast today!

Omgosh Cici, it is me that is thanking you! You are such a great leader and participant in the guild that I'm thrilled that we could have your efforts in making more people experience the true goal of the game (FUN)! Go Team Possible Troops! :)

I missed the Team LOL!

@cicisaja is working to get you something, hang in there ;)

Yup! I know she won't let me hang in the air thank you @davemccoy and @cicisaja to all your effort made.

I've had a few offers pop up today but I've been waiting for this post!

Scrolls back up to read....

See you in the discord.....

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