Season Rewards Reveal (with BRILLIANT Alchemy Potion)

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First off, I am sorry for dropping off the face of the earth this last week. Sickness in the physical world has impacted my Steem and SteemMonster activity. Also, my family and I will be enjoy some time together next week, so my plan is to start up the giveaways the Monday after I get back from vacation.

In this post, I want to show you my Steem Monster season reward haul (and it was a good haul)! This is just a reminder to all of us that Steem Monsters can be an investment, a stream of income, and perhaps both.

I decided to pick up a BRILLIANT Alchemy Potion for 25,000 DEC. This potion will increase your chances of gaining a GOLD FOIL card by 100%.


I ended the season in the Diamond II League and earned 50 reward cards as a result. I received 8 Gold Foil cards out of 50 cards.

Seems like a good investment!








Basic Breakdown
8 Gold Foil Cards
2 Legendary Cards
1 Epic Card
14 Rare Cards

Highest Valued Cards
Gold Mushroom Seer - $3.60
Lord Arianthus - $3.70
Ruler of Seas - $3.35

Imagine if I would have received a Golden Lord Arianthus. Wow! It does pay to play Steem Monsters.