@SumatraNate's Daily Reward Reveal

in #sptlast year

For me, Steem Monsters is about both the game and the money.

The game is entertaining and stretches my strategic muscles.

On the other hand, I want to make some money on the deal. I do not show every daily request reward reveal, because to be honest, sometimes they are not that exciting. But I will occasionally post to show what is possible.

dr 7-19.png

I earned the following 7 cards:

CardSplinterRarityCurrent Market Price
Silvershield ArchersLifeCommon$0.02
Wood NymphEarthCommon$0.03
Divine SorcererLifeEpic$0.29
Skeletal WarriorDeathRare$0.06
Goblin MechNeutralCommon$0.02
Imp BowmanFireEpic$0.30
Creeping OozeNeutralCommon$0.04

Grand Total For The Day = $0.76

I still need to keep my day job, but it is nice to receive a little bit back for investment that I have made.


Nice :) Two Epic cards, Can't complain about that.