I'm not Playing But...I think I'm Rich😂

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thess must be the Legendary monsters😯

Saleum eSteemians 👐

I was just curious about my wife being mentioned here and there sometimes, and She started to post about the game again in the last few weeks. When she stopped talking and posting about it, I thought she has given up. But I was wrong😀

I've checked on her deck, she kept everything single in there.. single but on the quite decent level, some are maxed😨. After she plays it for a year, is that all she had?


haaaa.. I decided to check my account on steemmonsters, and she use it as a den!

I asked her about making my account as a den😯 she smiled then said...
you don't have starter pack, you can't play and you don't want to play either

Yeap.. online Games have never been on my list, but it doesn't mean I never play any games in my life. I played "1942" for sometimes when I was young, and that's it.. I'm too busy with other things like painting, surfing and exploring the nature. I've seen my wife spending her time so much on steemmonsters started from october 2018. When we have many costumers at the shop, she'll does her job and back to the game quickly.

I've seen her laughing out loud anytime she's busy with the game and it took sometimes to ask her out or leaving the game. I remember she often stay awake till morning just because she didn't want to miss out the time to play before the season ends😡.


are these cards valuable? She said it has good price, but she never sold any.

She still playing, she is! I'm not sure how many decks she plays, but if it takes hours to stare at the phone and sometimes I heard the "slashes and blows" sound from it before she mute it, I let her enjoy the game.


I don't know how to check the price of these cards😀 but I think it's worth some money

What's the use of having such a bunch of cards? I trust her when she said she didn't bought any of these cards when she could sold it and power up? Or helps me to power up my account?

She said she leased the cards to some players, selling it won't make us rich too😯 because everyone has the same cards. It's just a collection I think. From my limited knowledge about the game, there are many cards that she doesn't has which makes the cards unplayed.

Anyway it's hers..not mine😆 so I'd better not touch her cards. What I know is she's not playing like crazy anymore eventhough she will never quit playing.

I only play steemmonsters as my hobby, it cost you nothing. If my hobby is shopping, think about how hard your life will be ☆cicisaja☆

😂😂😂 you got me, garl!


Lol.. you find the way to access your account finally.. let it be there for some more times.. who knows, I can sell it all later because I have no time to play it anymore or change my hobby😂😂

Do whatever you like 😉 I don't want you to change your hobby to something that I can't afford 😂 I like it when you play and earn something you like too

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I trust her. She knows her stuff. So many cool cards 🤤🤤🤤 Some cards it might be worth it, but considering with how much you can make on the DEC vs. an actual sale that's the better route to go ... for now. With the betas sold out and new cards coming that is when these will turn into something huge.

Yes right @tryskele.. she didn't tell me which card is valuable than others.. but from the way she kept everything she earned, I think all the cards are valuable to her. I seldom heard she complains not having this or that.. though she created post about it 😂😂 She can play with aby cards and enjoy it too.

Thanks for stopping by and did she drags you to play too, now?

Yes I do, she pulled me in. I'm not 'crazy' like she is LOL (I 💜you Cici) I have 2 accounts the one she and @simplymike started me with and then my own baby deck to build. I'm good playing just once a day to get my 'quest' done. When I have time I do play a little bit more.

To give you a little perspective, one of those cards is worth 15000 DEC, that translates to roughly 70 Steem. She has more than one of those cards 😁 The best part being is that price is going to go up since this pack is done. The only way to get these cards now is to buy them from someone. Cici is very savvy

Whoaa.. I don't know a card can be at that price @tryskele 😱 no wonder she kept it. She told me she use my accoubt as her den just to stop her from burning the cards when she felt a bit boring sometimes😁

Good then you are not going to be an addict like her before.

Think of it as savings 😁 And at least you know she won't be spending money just yet.

Oohh.. She's good on saving things but not money 😁😁 she'll get me coffee bean if she has money somewhere in her wallet or bank account

I only play steemmonsters as my hobby, it cost you nothing. If my hobby is shopping, think about how hard your life will be

Hahahaha, sound like @cicisaja, all right 😂 😂

😂😂 and it's so cici...that's what I think when he asks me about what will I do with my card hoard hobby😁


The only person I know and know me better than anyone elses 😁 thanks @simplymike